Stephen Pierce Tells Entrepreneurs about the Power of Positive Thinking

Internet marketing guru says faith, moving forward and positioning helps small business survive tough times

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Internet marketing rock star Stephen Pierce has no problem telling you that at one point in his life, he was bankrupt, homeless and even struggling with thoughts of suicide and homicide. Today, he is a multimillionaire living in a 12,000-foot mansion inside a gated community on 4.3 acres in Texas.

What turned his life around? Entrepreneurship.

At the 2011 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference, Pierce hosted a session on “7 Steps to Creating Your Own Money Making Machine.” Here, he speaks to about how entrepreneurs can survive tough economic times by choosing to have faith, move forward and focus on the power of positive thinking and positioning.

Videographer Melissa Johnson

  • shawn

    I believe that BE magazine is great.I readed all the time im alway inspires me to think big.keep up the great work.

  • Eric L. Smith

    I totally agree with you Stephen in the fact that we must change our thought positioning.

    Thank you,