Small Biz Tool Kit: 12 Questions to Ask Before the Business Plan

Ready to be an entrepreneur? Consider this...

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Great ideas–many of us have them. Some undoubtedly will be better, and better executed, than others. Part of that successful execution could hinge on having a solid business plan.

While business plans can take all types of forms, they all share the following elements. Make sure your plan passes the test and answers these important questions suggested by Buzz Marketing CEO Tina Wells.

Click here to see the 12 questions every entrepreneur should ask before writing the business plan.

  • Sonja Reed

    I,ve starting my own bussines( mobile diva hair) doctor and and looking for ways to promote my bussiness any suggestions…

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  • Nekar

    Hi Susan, taknhs for stopping by to comment. There seems to be some sort of hypnotic trance that washes over people particularly when it comes to online business. It’s strange I don’t know what possesses people. I seriously doubt they would give over the same control or discretionary power in any other situation in life.