Radio One Buys

The $38 million deal gives company ownership of multiple community Websites

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With its acquisition of Community Connect Inc. (CCI) for $38 million, Lanham, Maryland-based Radio One Inc. is expanding its Internet reach by adding the popular community networking Website to its arsenal of media properties. In addition to, CCI owns and operates a number of social-networking brands under its umbrella including and

“Radio One has been interested in expanding in the online space for a number of years,” says Tom Newman, president and COO of the company’s interactive unit. “We’re a leader in radio, obviously focused on the urban market place. This immediately puts us number one online in the urban space.”

With more than 18 million members, was rated the most popular social networking site targeting a multicultural group in 2007 and the fourth most popular social networking site overall by New York-based market research firm Hitwise. Company executives hope Radio One’s clout will propel the site even further.

“When the team at Radio One started showing interest in aligning their Internet efforts with ours, it made sense to put the companies together,” says Ben Sun, CEO of CCI. Had the merger not happened, “BlackPlanet would still continue to grow, but we felt like we could jumpstart and take it to another level by leveraging the cross-platform assets that Radio One brings to the table.”

The acquisition of CCI comes at a time in which Radio One (Nasdaq: ROIA) has been selling radio stations to reduce its debt load, most recently unloading KRBV-FM in Los Angeles to Bonneville International for about $137.5 million. Its losses swelled to $386 million last quarter.

The company, which also owns the Internet site, wants to expand its interactive efforts, but it is a strategy some analysts question. “We believe that [Radio One] completed this acquisition to further its digital media initiatives,” says Marci Ryvicker, an analyst with Wachovia Capital Markets, LLC. “However, we are disappointed that it chose to purchase interests in non-core assets instead of paying down debt.”

Radio One executives, however, see the CCI acquisition as an avenue to strengthen the company by increasing advertising revenue. “It’s an opportunity to allow our marketers to reach customers in a way that Radio One may have never been able to reach,” Newman says. Cross-platform advertising campaigns that encompass the Internet and radio are among the initiatives the company will pursue, Sun adds.

CCI’s targets the African American online community, targets the Latino community, and is a site for Asian Americans. In addition to its 53 radio stations in 16 urban markets, Radio One owns cable network TV One and the print magazine Giant, putting it in a position to be reach urban markets across all media.

“Radio One is not looking at BlackPlanet to be the only piece in the puzzle,” Sun says. “They’re looking at a number of efforts online combined with BlackPlanet that would just make us that much more important to African American urban media consumers. It’s a really great alignment to show value to consumers and take a

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    • Infinitehi4

      The greatest benefit of all is all the wonderful information that is shared in each of these very short video sessions.  In business it’s important to search for ways to save the budget while learning how to operate more effectively and effciently.  That is a blessing in any business Thanks Black Enterprise Presenters.

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  • The one social networking source that many forget about…. The one that started in all… Blogging.  Blogging is a business owner’s voice on the WWW.  Writing post to education about bath & body care, giving helpful bath & body tips, highlighting other women entrepreneurs, and sharing my personal thoughts on business has brought in a tremendous amount of business.   The ‘help mantra’.  YES, traditional selling is dead….especially on social network.

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  • Many people assume that their brand only consists of the basic colors,
    fonts, and symbols, but really, it is much more complicated than that.
    It is your companies perceived image. Your brand is a compilation of
    everything that your company does, what your employees do and how they
    act, it is the perceptions of your audience. Including, the way your
    staff answers the phone, the way you handle client / customer disputes,
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    additional factors all impact your image. Knowing this it is also
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    it comes to your image; everything you do, own or produce should exude
    the goals of your business and how you want to be perceived.

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