New Owner of Lenox Lounge Plans to Preserve the Iconic Jazz Club

Richard Notar plans to keep club mostly the same.

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Lenox Lounge historic harlem nightclub to closeThe jazz club that’s set to open in the space where the Lenox Lounge currently resides won’t be much different from what it is now, according to the space’s new owner, Richard Notar.

“This is a gem of New York,” Notar said of the landmark jazz lounge, when speaking to the Economic Development Committee of Community Board 10. “I don’t want to change a thing about how it looks,” he said.

Notar does plan to change the world-famous Lenox Lounge to a new one that reads “Notar Jazz Club.” He also plans to add a bakery that will include food offerings similar to what one would find in South Carolina.

Richard Notar plans to staff the new venue with local residents and to partner with local schools to teach youngsters about the range of careers available in the hospitality and culinary industry, according to an article in the Daily News.

Black Enterprise featured an article on the closing of the Lenox Lounge as well as several iconic Harlem businesses that closed down.

SOURCE:  The Daily News

  • nohype

    If it’s a different owner,obviously all things will change. He’s not from the community.
    Sooner or later we will have to get it through our heads to own not just the business but the land that it is on.

  • Did you see the image of the stripped facade today? Sure looks like he’s planning to change a few things—

  • craig s

    its a shame that some of these rapper/businessmen who claim to be so ” harlem world” couldn’t take the reigns and buy the buildings and the properties that the buildings stand on. Black folks are getting phased out on all levels. First Harlem, now Brooklyn, and soon the Bronx will be totally gentrified. I glad my parents, let alone my grandparents are not here to see this. they would have a fit to see the things going on nowadays. To them, Harlem was the next best thing to heaven.

  • uuwser

    The old owner stripped the facade….