Some Black Business Owners Fear Minimum Wage Hike

The minimum wage would increase by 85 cents per year for the next 3 years from its current $7.25 wage

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In an article for the Baltimore AFRO newspaper, writer Krishana Davis explored how a proposed minimum wage increase could affect African American business owners.

The proposed act, titled the America Rebuild Act, would raise the minimum wage 85 cents per hour per year. That’s a total increase of 27 percent.

Business owner Terrence Dickson, who owns an eatery in Baltimore, Maryland, already has 5-8 employees and is worried about the potential wage increase.

“Twenty seven percent is a dramatic increase,” said Dickson to AFRO. “Where am I going to get the other 27 percent? Either hire less people and have them do more work or increase profits by 27 percent.”

Read the rest of this story at AFRO

  • SO what are the workers suppose to do dont feed there kids,ah come on lets feel bad for the biz owners. ITS there responsibility to grow there biz and if you got to lay people off do so, but dnt say dnt raise min wage . I will alway stand with the worker cause nobody is standng up for these days.