Open Call: Macy’s Vendor Development Program

The retail giant offers a helping hand to minority business owners looking for longevity in the industry

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Macy’s shows potential multicultural and/or women-owned business owners how to perform and sustain growth in the retail industry

Macy’s is looking for a few good vendors. Currently, the retailer is accepting applications for its newly crafted vendor development program.

The Workshop at Macy’s is a comprehensive week-long training course set to start in the spring for up to 20 participants. Free to those selected to participate, classes will be held at Macy’s Herald Square Corporate Offices in New York City, and taught by Macy’s senior level merchants. The program will also offer a number of expert panelists, including Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price.

According to the company, the program’s goal will be to educate, prepare, and mentor high potential multicultural and/or women-owned businesses on how to perform and sustain growth in the retail industry. With a curriculum scheduled to tackle strategic planning, branding, sales and marketing, and access to capitol, among other topics, the program will offer participants a world-class toolkit essential for business growth and development.

Applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. this Friday, Feb. 11, 2011 online or by mail. For full program details, including requirements and how to apply, visit All eligible applications will be reviewed and selected applicants will be asked to attend an in-person interview. Final selections will be made after all prospective candidates are interviewed. Classes begin spring 2011.

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  • Once again African American folks are allowing themselves to be “DUPE” by the “Promise” of prosperity, if we following the European model. Macy’s has had a boat load of “Qualified African America Vendors” in the file system. A system that dates way back, and to think that a AAV could have received this announcement from there staff …instead they choose to place in the hands of news print magazine and a ezine, rightfully knowing that African American Vendors, just like the US economy is facing a greater deficit in the application of networking and obtaining word. No I’m not disgruntle..nor am I the “black chick with an attitude problem”. What am is an Proud African American Entrepreneur Women who has been in this game for many year, have watched it from the side line and has seen witness that this “No Percentage In Being Black” in many eyes. “I don’t want crumbs….I want half of the pie”.

  • Evelyn Blakley

    This is a great program for those Black business in the tri-state area, but what about those businesses in Macy ‘s southern/western markets. I live in South Carolina and know that there are a lot of Black businesses here, in North Carolina and Georgia that would greatly benefit from this type of program. Thank you.

  • Donna

    I agree with you Evelyn…. I live in Southeast Georgia – the most southern part of Georgia at the border of GA/FL. I think these opportunities (if they are …) are great BUT I’m longing to hear or see some business guru – owner/operator – come to my “neck of the woods.” I often ask, ‘what about where I live?’ As I write this post, I am shaking my head in some disappointment because, for one, it would cost so much money to get someone who has the means to be a blessing, to come where I live and provide information or even a personal testimony. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a person who’s always looking for the FREE STUFF… because I have been striving to do business myself for several years now. I just speak from the perspective of so many people where I live who cannot afford and are doing all they know to do —– just to get the knowledge or even minimal financing to go forth & conquer… this includes me.
    Anyway, just thought I’d share my heart concerning these type posts. I’d love to see big businesses sponsor someone in my area. Blessings!

  • Tooki Tonihka

    I have overcome cancer four times and lost my husband, best friend and mentor last year. He pushed me to be whatevr I wanted to be. i love designing with my culture in mind which is native american. i would love just one chance to show my designs that is my dream and wont give up. nothing is so tough as overcoming cancer not once but four times.