Lesson Plans for Young Entrepreneurs

Teach your children and teens to become business minded

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Does your child have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

In part two of BlackEnterprise.com’s four-part series on youth entrepreneurship, we’ll be looking at resources for parents and teachers on the basics of entrepreneurship. There are a number of tools available, from Web-based and online activities to classroom simulations, for educators and parents to get students thinking like an entrepreneur.

(Part 1: Youth Use Entrepreneurship As Pathway to Success)

Here are curriculums that are fit for large classes and one-on-one teaching:

The Classroom Mini-Economy Lesson Plan

MiniEconomyIntroduce students to the real-world economy by creating a microcosmic economy in the classroom. The “Classroom Mini-Economy Lesson” plan by the Council for Economic Education allows teachers to create a functioning economy teaching students their role in the global marketplace. This lesson plans also teaches students to hone teamwork and negotiation skills as well as the value of financial literacy. By taking up roles as consumers and produces, students will lean how to run a business, what it means to pay taxes and make smart investments.

In a mini-economy, students earn play money in a variety of ways and spend it at a class store, class auction, or at stores operated by their classmates. Although mini-economy activities vary widely, students typically apply for classroom jobs, run businesses, pay taxes, buy rental properties, and make investments. The curriculum also includes a web link to the new Mini-Economy Banking Program, which allows students to do their banking on the computer.

Grades: 2-6
Cost: $29.99

New Youth Entrepreneur Interactive

NewYouthEntWhat’s the difference between a purchase receipt and a sales receipt? What about accounts receivable and accounts payable? The “New Youth Entrepreneur (NYE)” curriculum is designed to teach students all of these terms and more. Presented in 12 modules, this curriculum shows how to examine different methods of obtaining startup resources and identify places for loans, through interactive lessons available of the accompanying NYE CD. The curriculum includes an installation CD and 35 licenses, a user’s manual, a set of modules, and an instructor’s guide.

Grades: 5-9
Cost: $2,499

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