• There is a fundamental problem with retailers adopting this application. If they do and people on mass use it they then they lose one of the fundamental things which boosts retailers revenue and that is unconsidered spur of the moment purchases. If people program into there phone what they need then instead of looking at the product, promotions and signage in the store and picking up things they did not come in for they would basically have there attention stuck in a phone app which will give them the directions to quickly get in and out of the store which from a retailer’s perspective is the last thing they want their customers doing. Successful Retail stores are not laid out in a random way it a science which enables the retailer to herd consumers like cattle pass all the promotions and products they hope to sell which the consumer had not come in-store to buy. This application will act negatively upon a successful retailers revenue. I’m sure the reason Safeway came onboard is because there hoping it might increase foot fall for people in a hurry to get something, which is not a problem for the wall mart’s or target’s of this world. Just my 2 cents on this app.

  • Kevin Brown

    I disagree respectfully with Michael’s comments regarding this new app designed by Mr. Pope. And no I do not know Mr. Pope personally. But why I believe this is a good thing is because most of us are moving towards conducting our lives utilizing all of the tech gadgets that are made available to us. This app will tremendously assit families in preparing their grocery lists monthly and I believe maybe help families with budgetting better as we know most americans lack a sound budget monthly as it is. Also, with Giant stores, they have enabled families to purchase groceries online and have them delivered to their respective homes. This app could easily help with that process by allowing families who are mobile to quickly search for items and have them ready for pickup or delievery. I believe it can tremendously improve the quality of life for many who use technology to govern their daily activities.

  • I agree with Michael, there is a fundamental issue with retailers adopting this method, but our product focuses on the “future” of retail, and we are not deterred by the fact that retailers dont want it, but we are motivated by the fact that the “people” want it, and the fact that it is useful,and helpful.

    i do appreciate your perspective though, but time will tell.

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  • Marcia

    Very interesting pro and con comments. Thanks for responding Curtiss. In our interview, I remember you mentioning the difficulty you’ve had getting retailers to adopt the technology and, as Michael mentioned, it was because the app would deter impulse buys.

    I think everyone has made valid points. Retailers won’t want to use it unless it is driven by the consumer. I for one, am a consumer who would find this app quite handy. Like Kevin said, it would make shopping faster and more economical. I’m just waiting for Curtiss to get it going across the country and on Android. Good Luck.

  • What about when you are looking for a specific item within the store, and after going up and down all of the aisles you are unable to find it, because perhaps you missed it, it would be nice to have this app to tell you where to look, so you can do a more focused search, and in turn, would rely less on staff having to direct people to the proper location, which in turn would save expenses on employees, as well as make sales for products that one would have not bought, or would have bought elsewhere, due to their inability to find that product?  I do see the potential to cut revenue from impulse buys, but I think the demographic that would use the app are also the same people who know exactly what they want to purchase, also, due to the way the stores are laid out, one would still need to walk past many other items in order to pick out their target item, and knowing in advance where that item is, would probably open an opportunity to view their surroundings more fully, because on the way to their item, they are not busy trying to find it, they know it’s just up ahead, and can take in the view more fully…  Anyway, my two cents…

  • Ang

    I totally agree with Andrew Hopkins. The fact that you don’t have to search so hard will allow you to see other items on your way to the item that you’re shopping for, this apps sounds like it makes your shopping experience a little less stressful. I think the idea rocks.

  • Marcy

    I saw your article today in the February issue of Black Enterprise. I totally see this as a very useful app. Spending less time in the grocery store than what was spent today is a welcoming thought! If you are in need of a virtual assistant, please contact me. Continued success to you.

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