A few years ago, I took a class at my church on visions to strategy (yes, even seasoned CEOs still need help!). It reminded me that we all have tons of great ideas; but it’s not that easy to make our dreams reality. So how can you take the journey from dream to reality? It’s as easy as five simple steps.–by Tina Wells#####


1. Know your vision.

You must always know what your big picture is, and what you’re trying to accomplish. Your vision is separate from your mission.  The vision refers to the big picture of what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you trying to change your city? Create a different shopping experience?#####










2. Know your mission.

Your mission is what you’re going to do; it is your purpose. You should use action words like “establish, build, sell.”#####










3. Know what you’re going to do.  Your goals are important, and you need to set targets that also have deadlines associated with them.  You should not have more than three goals.#####


4. Know why you’re going to do it. For every goal you set, you should have a reason for why you want to accomplish that goal. If you don’t have a reason, then it shouldn’t be one of your goals!#####


5.  Know how you’re going to do it. This is the step that makes a dream reality. You must create strategies related to your goals and objectives. This step is all about the approach you will take to what you’re trying to do.


  • Inside Traitor

    Really? This is small business advice? Seriously. Re-read…

  • Tina, thanks for highlighting these 5 steps. They are certainly a start for individuals wanting to achieve their dreams of owning their own business. Sometimes it is best not to complicate the process. Being clear about what you want to achieve and how you will get there is important, so folks take the advice that Tina shares as it is really that simple.

  • Tina, 2 thumbs up!!!! to the 5 basic steps towards making an individual’s business dreams a reality. This is just what business owners need-if they are at the beginning of their business journey, and are not sure what the next step should be. As a business owner of 2 businesses it is vital to stay focused on 2-3 goals at a time; instead of having the mind cluttered with a lot of loose ideas that may cause unnecessary confusion.

  • John K.

    I was really looking for something a bit deeper. I am open to laying the foundation and I do understand that this is a website that gives the basics(IAW: subscribe to the magazine- I am a longterm subscriber). Let’s hit the nuts and bolts of business ventures and streamline them.  Dreams are gifts and  know how is education.  Credit worthiness, location,dedication and flexibility  should also be mentioned. Inform people of the stress; being in shape mentally and physically are  of the utmost. Sleep will be at a minimum even on your most successful days. 


    Hello. i have a business ideal and it’s own the level of having a small convention of collectors comming together for this one common cause that we have in common as collectors sort like a barbie doll convention,etc something on that level. but i just dont know where to start. can you help me with ideal? and also how do i copyright my ideal before some else steals my ideal?

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