How I Made $100,000 From Home

Lower overhead and startup costs make these franchise options attractive

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When Maxine P. Gill was laid off from her job as a sales and marketing director for Comcast Corp. in 2008, she decided to explore her longtime dream of entrepreneurship. “I always knew I wanted to own my own business,” she says. After considering a rib restaurant venture with a business partner, she decided to look into franchises instead since they have a structure and support system already in place.

While sorting through opportunities with a franchise consultant, the 48-year-old quickly learned that franchise costs ran from about $50,000 to $200,000. She was particularly drawn to home-based opportunities because they tended to be on the lower end of the cost spectrum, which would allow her to start small and grow her business over time. Using about $80,000 in savings to cover startup costs that included the $35,000 franchise fee, Gill purchased a College Nannies & Tutors franchise that provides nanny and tutoring services in October 2008. She officially opened College Nannies & Tutors of Bethesda in February 2009. Her territory consists of the Maryland cities of Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Rockville, Potomac, and Cabin John, and also Washington, D.C.

In 2009, the business, based out of her Laurel, Maryland-home, grossed $131,000, and in 2010, it had nearly tripled its revenues to $348,000. This February, Gill signed a lease for outside office space and is now based in Bethesda, but she admits that starting from home proved to be a sound business strategy. “Working from home allowed me to accumulate funds and take my time to find the right location,” she says. Gill is one of many who have found success in home-based franchising. And while that success is never guaranteed and many such ventures fail, franchising remains a popular avenue for wealth generation.

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  • Dar’shun Kendrick

    Very good post! I had a similar situation and was able to focus on what I TRULY enjoy—giving business and legal advice to small business owners. I also enjoy networking with people offline. See my latest blog on this subject at…steps-to-do-it/ to learn how to Take People ONLINE to OFFLINE and develop some meaningful relationships.

  • WriteMoneyInc

    Loved this story! Success stories are inspiring and motivating. Wish Maxine the best! She’s doing what I think millions of people dream about. Good for her!

    Appreciate these types of stories you share, BE!


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  • CCSmith

    How many people have $80,000 in savings to start a business – and this is at the low end of the cost spectrum??? How about $1000 or 2000? Any other advice to start a business at home that can be successful with very little start up money?? On the web and in magazines all I ever read about are how those with high paying jobs are able to start a business because they made so much money and were able to cash in their CDs etc to start something with quite a bit of money. This is not encouraging, since most of us do not have such a high paying job and with so much extra cash around. Are there other businesses to start in one’s home with little money or possibly a government grant? Daycare or taking care or training others? Thanks.

    • Ms Shoestring

      It is possible to start a service business with low start up capital. You have to think about what skills you have, what you are passionate about and how would be interested in purchasing your services. You may want to consider learning a new skill to offer a service. check out creating a community for budding entrepreneurs and start ups with little capital

      • AGreen

        THe link above does not work, hard to be credible when you provide a link to information that does not work.

        • Thabiso

          This will depend on ltiaocon business.From experience it WILL depend on a lot of factors . track record of franchise, experience/credit of new owner (YES CREDIT), local experience of other businesses .Best thing call about 4 different independent agents be brutally honest. You will most likely die from sticker shock! I did.

        • Rahmad

          The Milford, Ct., location is their first. The foednur is a graduate of Yale, with plans to franchise. Oh, by the way, the statement that Franchises fail almost as often as regular restaurants is completely and statistically untrue.

    • Yohi

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    • Cassandra Johnson

      Hi Angela, I am a single mom in the Atlanta area work full time as a paralegal. I am interested in starting a small sports program similiar to i9 Sports or Awana. Are there any grants or funds available for this area. Thank you for your time and assistance.

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  • Dwendolyn Monroe

    How do you start a business from home or venture out on your own?


    One of the best ways to start a home-based business is to learn/get trained while currently employed. It takes energy and determination, but what doesn’t?


  • Dovie Matthews

    would greatly appreciate any information concerning acuiring grants to supplement savings for a home-based startup business.

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  • Mrs S

    I have to totally agree with CCSmith. These types of stories, while encouraging to some, does not apply to most. many of us who want to start or already have small businesses don’t have $80,000 lying around in “savings”. What savings? many of us depleted any savings we had over the last couple years due to the failing economy. I wish the Robertes many more successes and for the rest of us trying to get there, Keep your eyes on the prize, get as much education as possible and never stop researching.

    • Ms Shoestring

      I hear you! That is why I have started a community for entrepreneurs on a shoestring budget. It is possible to start a business with a small amount of capital and a lot of sweat equity but it really depends on your ideas and personal circumstances.

      • Mari

        I like his YouTube tip, which is to contact the owrnes of popular videos that are related to your site, and then asking them to luist your URL, for a fee.How would they actually do this? Would they add the URL to the video, or would that set their view counter back to zero? If not in the video, where would they add your URL?

      • Sathiyan

        I am trying to crteae a perfect win/win online business where everyone can make money & it is very easy for anyone regardless of experience. Is there anything in particular that would attract you to a business opportunity? Any ideas on something people would really like?

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  • Davida


  • RMC Franchise Connect

    Congratulations to Maxine Gill and those who are considering following her path. In this article she referenced the following, “While sorting through opportunities with a franchise consultant, the 48-year-old quickly learned that franchise costs ran from about $50,000 to $200,000.” I am a franchise consultant with RMC Franchise Connect. We help people like Maxine identify which franchise opportunities are the best fit for your personal, professional,and financial ability. There are certainly a wide variety of solid HOME-BASED business models that cost less than $80K. In fact, there are many great options between $10K-$50K. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more, schedule a free consultation. You can contact us at Start your dream today, or work for someone else who did!

  • Houria

    Thank you so much – will make great little gifts for my udhgater’s “specials – Art, Music, etc.” Doing a little “survival kit” for her lead and English teachers, and working on a centerpiece for our “Welcome Back Breakfast” – will try to put up on my blog soon!

    • Gordon

      excellent quality of imtnroafion!I was about to dismiss you as too young to know the 4 best offline businesses but watched through to your internettimemachine.Now I am impressed and humbled.

  • Deachibiloversc

    Currently, I am seeking varouis opportunities but I do not know which one suitable for myself. Since, I am in this predicatment how would I know which form of business is worth getting involve in. In addition, what are the important apsects of starting a business, with very small amount or no money at all. This may sound very stupid, but is it possible to start a business with no money?

    • First you must determine which of the opportunities you are looking at speaks to your heart and soul.  One thing you must always remember is this, in any business the person who is successful loves what he/she is doing.  If don’t love it you will not be successful because you will not want to put in the necessary work that it’s going to take to make your venture a success.  The great thing about franchising and network marketing is that they both come with brand recognition,a company business and marketing plan, so you don’t have to recreate the wheel.  When you are starting a business from scratch you have to develop your own business plan and build the brand.  So you have to do your home work and see which opportunity is right for you and in most cases if your gut and heart have the same reaction you may have found your perfect business.  Now your question about do you need money to start a business the answer is yes you need money.  Some businesses may not require a lot of start-up capital, but you will need some.  Now I can tell you this.  If you are a new entrepreneur the first investment you will need to make is in yourself.  Meaning work on developing that entrepreneur mindset that you are going to need to get you through those rough times when you want to question yourself and second guess your decision to become a business owner.  The mind has to be right to get in this game and stay in it.  So before you start any venture get your mind right, because when the money is low you have to be able to think on your feet to move the business forward.  If your mindset is messed up you will find yourself stuck in victim mode.

      Hope this helps.

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