Home Base: How to Cut Costs by Cutting Phone Service

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Using cheap and free phone services can reduce expenses for your home-based business.

Whether you run a thriving home based business or you’re just starting out, one rule of thumb will always remain constant; keep costs low. Cutting overhead and fixed expenses is a primary way to drive revenue and better use your resources where they may be most needed. So, what’s one fixed cost that you may be able to cut completely? Phone service. As more companies develop VoIP options, it’s getting easier to find cheap service and sometimes downright free offers. Check out which companies offer no-cost and low cost phone calling options.

Vonage: iPhone and Android users can tap into Vonage’s new service which provides free phone calls between Facebook users. How does Vonage Mobile for Facebook work? Users must download the free Vonage app. Sign in with your Facebook username and a list of friends with the app will appear. The calling works over cellular broadband, so-called 3G, and over Wi-Fi. The drawback is while the phone does not use calling minutes, it does use data and for customers without unlimited data plans, this can be a setback.

Skype: A veteran in the VoIP arena, Skype’s voice and video chatting is still a favorite among Internet users. Skype offers free Skype-to-Skype calls and allows users to call mobile and landlines. Users do have to pay for non-Skype-to-Skype calls. It you’re looking to slash mobile minute usage, Android and Blackberry users can download the Skype App to their smartphone and make and receive limitless Skype-to-Skype calls globally and make low cost international calls.

Google: In Google’s continued effort for Internet domination, the behemoth online company unveiled its new free phone calling option just last week. Gmail users in the U.S. can make free calls from their browser to numbers within the U.S. and Canada. Users pay 2 cents per minute for calls to Ireland, Korea, Argentina and other countries. Rates top 99 cents a minutes, depending on the country. To use the service, a plug-in program must be installed, and users must log into Gmail.

  • Great article, Renita. I wanted to add that I use the Magic Jack in my home office to talk via the Internet. Plug a regular land phone into it and the MJ plugs into any USB port on your computer. No land line needed. When I purchased it, it was around $59 for a five-year subscription, no monthly bills. And it works!

    • renita burns

      Hey Peggy, I’ve seen the commercials for the Magic Jacks. Thanks the the additional resource.

  • internet phones these days have very powerful and nice features, i bet they would add some more value added features in the fut ,,

  • Alex

    Of course, Netflix also allows streaming of video content. I purchased a cheap laptop and hooked it to my TV. Now I stream Netflix to my set (I use the cheapest 1 disk home at a time plan at about $9 a month) and use HULU to stream my favorite TV shows. Result? I got rid of my satellite TV service and don’t miss it a bit. A healthy saving of about $100 per month. Who could ask for more? 🙂

    As for SKYPE, I use it to make all my LD calls. Using SKYPE for outgoing calls only, cost about $2 a month. I took Long distance off my wired phone and save about $25 a month. I don’t use SKYPE to receive calls. I figure if anybody wants me, THEY can call ME on my wired phone.

    Speaking of phones, I use NET10 pay-as-you-go plan for my cellphone. I am a light user so I can get by with $15 per month for simple service which saves me about $60 a month of my last plan).

    That’s nearly $200 a month savings and I’ve barely started! 🙂 I have a lot of things I do to save hundreds a month… perhaps i ought to blog about them someday. 🙂

  • i would love to see a massive price drop on internet phones coz i like to buy lots of em ,”.