Free Verizon Webinar Features Tips From Entrepreneur Erika Martin on Starting a Business

The latest in Verizon's webinars targeted at small business owners

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erika martin
The latest free webinar from Verizon’s small business team on Wednesday (Sept. 25) will feature Erika Martin, an entrepreneur and independent consultant with CAbi LLC, a social selling company specializing in women’s clothing, and previous owner of Options LLC, a personal concierge company.

Martin worked at MCI Telecommunications for 14 years in various corporate management positions before becoming an entrepreneur. Balancing life/work is a large part of why Erika chose to go into business for herself.

During this one hour webinar, Martin will share tips and insights for how to start a business.

The free webinar series presented by Verizon’s small business team keeps small businesses informed to help them gain a competitive edge.  All webinars are available for on-demand replay.  To view previous webinars, visit: