Do You Wanna BE NEXT?

We're spotlighting a new generation of gifted, innovative business achievers. Is that you or someone you know? Tell us all about it!

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Black Enterprise is looking for the brightest, current and future corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders between the ages of 21 – 35. The primary objective is to identify standouts that will be considered for coverage within our magazine or our other multimedia platforms (magazine, Web site, television, events) throughout the year 2010 and beyond. These individual(s) should work in one of the following areas:

– Corporate America
– Technology; Science; Energy; Mathematics
– Sports and entertainment with a business component
– Government
– Academia and/or nonprofit

The persons submitted should operate in a capacity that offers a forward-thinking approach to their work; perform within a growth area in their company or industry; excel beyond the requirements and standards of their position; be at the forefront of change; and be a proven, essential contributor to significant projects/research/initiatives of their organization. Those submitted should be persons of high merit and outstanding achievement within their field–and should ultimately demonstrate their measurable impact on the profitability, market leadership, industry dominance, innovation, growth and/or success of their organization, company or business.

If you know of professionals, executives, industry leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs who you feel fit the criteria above (or if you are such a person), please complete the following form and click SUBMIT.

  • A.Carr

    Great idea!

  • Thank you for always recognizing the YOUTH!!!

  • This is an amazing opportunity. Some one posted a link to it my social network – Black Business Women Online ( I’m definitely going to submit myself today!

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  • Does anyone knows if there is a new deadline for this? Thanks!

  • wilbur wiggins

    thank you for this opportunity, before i get stared i would like to say i am not coming at anyone individual on this subject, but we as black people have more power to make a change in this world (as a hold) i stress as a hold because most black successful entertainer from sports , actors, music intertainer, preachers doctors , lawyers and any black person that’s in great financail power to really make a difference in not only their communittee’s most of them donate a large amount of their funds to colleges and individual community centers that adds up to billions of dollars as a hold, but most of them are looking for reconition from their pears as well as a tax right off. My opinion if some one came up with a orginization that would be able to open up communittee center like the boys and girl club or ymca that we can be able to place all over and if you really want to hell the President with giving people jobs they can open up not private put privately organized schools with but the only way this could and would be able to happen is if we as what we call each other black fokes would come together as a hold like every other nationality and make some changes. Mr.Cosby and Oprah donates over 100 million dollars to colleges for scholarships and the collages they donate to each year do not put half of our children through their school just imagine how many kids can be put through collage if we done it ourselve… GOD BLESS YOU and i hope you understand what i’m trying to say. but most of all I hold that someday me can see this change happen UNITY IS THE KEY!

  • To all Women and Young Ladies who have NEXT or need help in gaining the skills and confidence to have NEXT visit Are you making history?