Dare to Take a Chance

With one risky move, an entrepreneur scores big

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All entrepreneurs are on the lookout for opportunities to pitch their products. But one executive with Waterlicious, a Marina Del Rey, California-based water manufacturer, recently created his own opportunity when he stormed the stage of a performance from multiplatinum musician-producer superstar Wyclef Jean. The reason: to promote his company’s healthy water for kids. The result: A spontaneous endorsement from the singer. (View video here.)

“It was not planned,” says Patrick Malcolm, better known as “Mr. Waterlicious” since his stunt during Black Enterprise’s 2009 Golf & Tennis Challenge in Orlando, Florida. Malcolm is vice president of promotions for Waterlicious. He says he calculated how long it would take for security to reach him if he ran onstage and told himself, “You have 15 seconds to let the world know about Waterlicious and get Jean to taste your product.”

He considered the risks. “If I had gotten arrested, it would have been, ‘Mr. Waterlicious got arrested.’ If it went great, then it would be, ‘Mr. Waterlicious was great.’ So either way the company’s name would be out there.”

waterlicious_guhaLucky for him (and the company), the daring move paid off. The 38-year-old wooed the crowd by joining in an impromptu reggae performance with Jean and then the singer “looked at the bottle and started drinking it like it was the first time he was drinking [water] in 10 years,” Malcolm says. “And the place went crazy.”

And Jean wasn’t the only one impressed, says Lincoln Wentworth Lawson, the company’s founder. “As soon as Patrick got on the stage, a Pepsi executive (sponsoring the concert) approached me and said, ‘One of the Pepsi VPs wants to speak with you about Waterlicious.’” Discussions between the two companies continue. We’ll keep you posted on Waterlicious’ efforts.

See more of Wyclef Jean’s performance and Patrick Malcolm’s spontaneous moment here.

We want to hear from you. Was Waterlicious’ thirst for attention a smart move or did it fall flat?

  • Robyn

    That was the best since Kanye West stunt! You go BOY!

  • Helen

    Lincoln Lawson is a Genius for inventing Waterlicious. I think I love waterlicious more than my 3 little babies. It was a great move.

  • BigMike

    Everyone is talking about Waterlicious here in Atlanta. So it was a smart way to get their name out. Go Falcons !!!

  • Monique

    Waterlicious’ thirst for attention is definitely a smart move. Lincoln Lawson and his team are geniuses. why no one thought of that? Waterlicious !!?? and it is truly delicious. my daugther and I try the soccer berry and the taste does leave up to the name.

  • Maria from LA

    I see Kobe Bryant drinking Waterlicious now Wyclef. This stuff must be good.

  • there’s magic in Boldness! it was a gamble but at least they are not saying “I wish, I would have said something.” That’s what business is about. they created a good product, and had the balls to allow it to tested on the spot.

  • Samantha

    I tasted Waterlicious and I personally love it. The thing about it is that everybody I shared the water with loves it as well. So far I haven’t met anyone that doesn’t love this product.

  • starchild

    Smart move yes, but all the recent print I’ve seen mentions nothing of the founder (Lincoln Lawson) just this character Mr. Waterlicious who comes off as sort of a BUFFOON!