Cutting Edge: Summer Side Hustles

From cold water to "Passion Parties," a few easy ways to bring in extra money when the heat is on

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"Passion Parties" have emerged as a booming business opportunity.

The weather is heating up and it’s time to figure out how to use Summer Fridays; class-free, sunny days; and outdoor events to make a few extra bucks. Here are some quick, down and dirty ways to add additional revenue to your personal bottom line during the summer months.

Sell ice cream. When I was in junior high school, me and a group of friends hooked up with a local summer camp and sold ice cream to campers during their lunch hour. Mama Burns helped us find a local wholesaler. Though we had to give the camp a cut, the three of us walked away with a few hundred dollars each at the end of the summer.

Start a tutoring service. Time off from school can be an issue for parents who want their children to be academically competitive. This is where you step in. Update your resume and write up a one pager that lets parents know your subject of expertise (algebra, calculus, literature, biology, etc.) and how you can keep their child on his academic toes during the summer. Start with neighbors, friends, and even postings on Facebook and Craigslist.

Keep ‘em cool with water. If you don’t mind the heat, selling cold, bottled water is a surefire way to make money in the summer. Finding a 24-pack of water (1/2 liter bottles) for about $4.00 a case (on sale) isn’t too difficult. You’ll likely have to throw in a few extra dollars for ice for your cooler, but you can still make at least a 50% profit. Check with your area’s permits department for any requirements or restrictions.

Tap into your inner salesman. Turn a garage sale into a money-making machine as a commissioned tag seller! Sell your own goods to spark interest from neighbors, passersby, and friends. While they shop, let them know you can do the same for them for a commission on the sale. Also, offer to sell their items online at eBay, Craiglist, or a host of other forums. With vintage duds being a hot commodity today, Mrs. Maybeline from down the block may have a gold mine in her attic.

Become a “Passion Party” host. “Passion Parties,” where women gather to gab and browse erotic toys, is a booming industry. Even on a budget,  some women are willing to open their wallets and shell out some cash to add a little excitement in the bedroom. “Passion Party” hosts make a commission on anything they sell, and it’s not as hard to get started or to make a sale as you may think.

So what’s your summer side hustle? How did you go about getting started? What tips do you have for others trying to figure out how to start their side hustle?

Come back next Wednesday for Part II of my Summer Side Hustle series.

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  • I have thought about selling water. After reading this article I decided to see what permits I needed for Houston, Tx. I talked to some at the city and it is basically illegal. To sell a food product you need a physical location or mobile unit. He said there is a temporary permit that you can get that has some leeway. It only last one day and has a cost of $60 dollars. You would have to sell 80 bottles before you could make a profit. You could just sell without all this and risk being run off by the police or receive a fine. Check out this blog This guy did it and brakes down everything. He used a bum to sell for him, talked to the local police and got no permit. It would be good to try if you are laid off or have free time an want to make a couple bucks.

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