Celebrity Side Hustle: Caron Butler Scores With Burger King

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Caron Butler

Dallas Mavericks player Caron Butler's power move: owning six Burger King restaurants. (Photo by Douglas Sonders)

Dallas Mavericks forward Caron Butler learned all about hard work and supporting a family at an early age. As a teenaged father, he worked at a Racine, Wisconsin Burger King, learning the ins and outs of the fast food business– from janitorial to cash register duties.

Today, all the hard work has come full circle. The 30-year-old baller owns six Burger King restaurants in Virginia and North Carolina, and says its one of the best business decisions he’s made yet.

BlackEnterprise.com talked with Butler about why he chose the franchising route and how Magic Johnson inspired him to keep his eyes set on business success after the NBA.

BlackEnterprise.com: As a youth, you once worked at a Burger King. What did you learn from that early experience?

Butler: At the time, I was supporting my first child. I was 15 years old. So it was the main reason I got a job. I was trying to make ends meet at home, supporting a family. I learned so much, like how to work with people, time management, responsibility, and professionalism.  I got to work in all areas of the business, from janitorial to cashier to drive-thru to stocking.

What led you to pursue an opportunity to buy into a Burger King franchise?
I was presented with the opportunity to get into the franchise and thought it was a great way to branch off into business. It’s a situation with Burger King where you can’t lose. You can look at the Burger King name and its proven success in the fast food industry. Working there two years as a teen, knowing how things function inside and out, I thought it was a great investment. Their franchises will live on and you’ll continue to group and double your value.

Did you get any insight or advice from others about this business venture?
I talked with [Earvin] Magic [Johnson]. He’s the blueprint. He’s transcended the game on the court and off the court. You name it, he’s doing it — from Starbucks to theaters to movies . Who else to model yourself after but one of the greatest?

What other entrepreneurial plans do you have, and what advice do you have for others interested in pursuing franchising?
I look forward to expanding and doing more things with Burger King–maybe purchasing more locations. I’m also looking into movie industry. Advice? I would say just educate yourself in whatever you decide to invest in.

  • Its good to see that he’s thinking of something that can bring in more revenue than a barbershop or clothing store. If he opens a decent number of them he can have a nice income after babsketball while giving opportunities for many.

    • Calvin


  • Maurice

    I am so happy to read about Caron, I am so happy that he is headed the right direction because the destruction of wealth by these athletes is just mind numbing! So its quite refreshing to read about an athlete that is not going broke after earning millions and millions of dollars. I hope we continues to surround himself with reputable businessmen that will continue to teach him the ropes. I thank God for you Caron, and I wish you the best Caron!


  • What an inspiring story. I want to applaud the efforts of Mr. Butler and others alike. You truly have an understanding of leaving a powerful legacy for others to follow. It was a great piece to read and reflect upon.


    dude burgher kings make millions , if he has 6 he is set for life 

  • Gwendolyn

    GOD Bless him!! Though there is nothing wrong with him opening a chain of barbershops or clothing stores! ITS ALL good!

  • Up Town Ruler

    Role Model Number One ! ! !

    Just keeping it real.

    That Breakfast Muffin taken from Mickey D’s is the Bomb ! ! ! !

    I congratulate Mr. Carson and ask that other Pro’s consider his course of action.

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  • Cali Gurl

    GREAT STORY! Now why isn’t this in the news linstead of…Matt Barnes domestic violence issue or Shannon Sharpe’s restraining order?!! This should be “plastered” on every news channel/sports website. Very Inspiriing!

  • Great story. Keep it going Caron.

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  • Black Athletes and Rappers are gradually taking over the tangible businesses, and this is long overdue. I mean even Black College Ahtletes can do this successfully prior to play a game on NBA or NFL. All thanks to Magic Johnson, Snoop Dogg and many. If Cam Newtom from AU decide to open franchise today before signing for NFL draft, that will be WIN no doubt, its time for Athlete to use their personal fame to benefit themselves and the community they live in. They have the power and image to do so successfully unless they mess things up.

    I am from South Africa and I am still trying to figure-out how to instill such instict to our pro’s.

  • unondolve

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  • Alfred

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