Building Open Minds

Garage door entrepreneurs stress education as a marketing tool

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Jamon and Taj Jones, founders of the Atlanta-based Garage Door Co., learned early on that a product’s worth isn’t always obvious. “People don’t realize that a garage door can improve the aesthetics of a home and increase its value,” says Jamon. It can also increase energy efficiency and keep out intruders. Here are three ways the Jones brothers incorporate consumer education into their business strategy.

  1. Look for a hook. The Garage Door Co. has created its own safety campaign. Throughout the year, “we go out to schools and tell kids about safety. We go out with the fire department and talk to homeowners,” says Jamon.
  2. Create educational events. During the summer, The Garage Door Co. hosts cookouts and invites local businesses. While everyone’s having a good time, “we offer free evaluations and tune-ups,” notes Jamon, “and we educate our guests about their options.”
  3. Take the show on the road. To participate in home trade shows across the country, “we take down our whole showroom and take it with us,” says Jamon. Seizing the opportunity to speak to a new audience, “we go out there and push safety.”

Tamara E. Holmes is a frequent contributor to Black Enterprise.

  • Betty Jones

    Thanks for featuring The garage door Jones’ brothers in your June issue. They stand out in that industry and I applaud them for their talents,aspirations,accomplishments and courageousness. This is rare, to find young black men headed to become members of the outstanding Fortune 5OO Hundred Club. Hang in there,the economy is coming back !