Brush Off Your Old Way of Thinking

Re-invention strategies to transform your business and boost profits

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It’s no secret that given the economy, it is imperative to market your best self when seeking clients, employment opportunities, and growing a business. In an unsettled economy, everyone must develop a new attitude to stand out from the competition, and the time to start is today as we welcome a new season of renewal.

I have put together a PR Re-Invention Plan to help business owners and individuals secure the opportunity they desire using PR as an empowerment tool. (Just so we’re all on the same page, I define re-invention as a transformation into the life you’ve always craved.) Keep in mind these tips have worked for my past clients, including Citibank, Sony Music, recording artists D’Angelo and Jill Scott, and the NBA’s Ray Allen and Chris Webber.

Re-invention will not be easy; however, if you come up with a plan, stick with it, and, you can have truly substantial returns.

Here are some sure-fire ways to spring forward your brand, market your business, and stand out–all on a budget.

Think linearly. Act with a plan. Identify where you want to work, what salary you want to make, and how you can be of value to a corporation on your terms. Create a strategy to achieve those goals.

Use social media. The Internet is a force and you must participate. For companies and clients to find you, participate in social networking. Blog, create a podcast, send e-newsletters, and star in your own viral video. It is imperative to have a Web presence with a functional, smart, attractive Website.

Be prepared for opportunity. Let people know what you have to offer. Be your own publicist and bring the hype. Create an electronic media kit listing your skills, accomplishments, and awards. Make certain your presentation is creative and appropriate for your industry.

Polish your image. Make sure that you’re you projecting the message you want people to see? Ask your friends, family members, and colleagues of their impressions of you.

Self-promotion isn’t a bad thing. You are an authority in your field so begin to visualize and execute your plan as if you were a rock star. Write an Op-Ed for your favorite newspaper, contribute to a blog, or secure a byline (this means that you get credit for writing the story). Service the byline to the companies you want to work for and stay on their radar.

Be confident. If you say you are the best–then bring it. Show letters of recommendations, praises from your former boss/project managers, and colleagues. Remember, you are entitled to success.

Tap into your network to increase your net worth. It is imperative that you keep in touch with past co-workers. Your contacts can lead you to a contract, job opportunities, meetings, and leads which can eventually increase your bottom line.

Get a mentor. Make certain that the mentor you choose has time to be a mentor. Be clear about expectations and time and make it a two-way street.

Give back. A great deal of business is done while volunteering, which can provide you a legitimate aura of leadership, dedication, and commitment.

Karen Taylor Bass, The PR Expert, provides entrepreneurs, corporations, and mompreneurs with essential branding, marketing, and public relations coaching; and Follow Karen’s tips and Caviar & Chitlins moments at Twitter,

  • I love this. I did this. I thank YOU. Brand NEW! That’s me! 🙂 Gotta work with what you got……. LOL

  • I would also add that writing for blogs and publications is an excellent way to get your company out to the masses on a shoe string budget!

  • Try writing for blogs and publications, its a great way to marketing yourself and your business.

  • Marcia Cole

    Great post Karen,
    It takes time and focus to rebrand and your tips are just the right tools needed.

  • Karen, as someone who has benefited from your expertise in the past, I see that you are still right on point! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • this was a great post,straight to the point and loaded with good advice

  • Karen, I thank you for this article it is just wait I needed. I now know that I’m on the right track and there are a few things I need to increase in regards to social networking. I always appreciate your words of wisdom, very informative!

  • Karen, This article is awesome and it’s just what my team and I need to get on the right track. We have just ventured into a new business and new market and it came right on time. Thanks a lot and keep them coming please.

  • Shantelle Thompson

    This is awesome! I love this and striving to succeed in these things everyday.

  • Carole

    It’s great to information that anwers the question, “what can I do right now?” I’ll keep the tips close and revisit to assure I stay on track. Will also pass it along to my circle especially those who have their own business. Looking forward to your future articles!

  • Great article from Karen as always! Social media such as Facebook can boost your Google and Bing rating as well.

  • I like all articles about personal branding. In yours, I especially like the final piece of advice you gave about volunteering. I’ve found that even in the worst of socio-economic hardships for an individual, taking your time to do something JUST BECAUSE you want to help means a lot to people. It shows you have an unselfish character, and can easily nab you a job or a great contracting opportunity at least.

  • Wendy

    Great article/tips from the PR Expert. Thank you!