WATCH: Brand New You with Karen Taylor Bass: Krista Barnett on Her New Invention

A wife-mom-businesswoman tells how her invention changed her life

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Barnett, Boot Band inventor. Below, the Boot Band (Photos courtesy of Barnett)

In our video series, Brand New You, host Karen Taylor Bass (PR expert and founder of chats with guests about reinvention, taking time for self and finding the balance between work and life.

Here, Karen heads to DNA Footwear in Brooklyn, New York, and chats with Krista Barnett, inventor of the ingenious Boot Band.

Barnett’s device allows you–if you are a woman who has a calf that’s fuller than the width of some of today’s narrow-fitting boots–to expand most styles with her patented zip-in extensions without having to pay hundreds of dollars. The wife-mom-businesswoman talks about how she came up with the idea for the Boot Band, how she protected it, and how her invention, which has been featured in O magazine, has not only provided a service to other women, but has also changed her life.

To get some of the great shoes and boots featured in this episode of Brand New You, visit DNA Footwear  at

  • Shelley

    Krista, what a great idea. The simplicity and functionality make it a winner. I expect to see this product in major department stores soon. 

    • Krista

      Thank you Shelley! I appreciate your feedback!

    • Ify

      Sam, Congratulations on your success with your book! It’s great that kids have an iiaairptnonsl and fun story to inspire them to be fit and active. Perhaps you would like to donate a few copies to the YWCA? The children in our shelters and childcare’s would love it. Best wishes!

  • Neo

    You fgroot the part that it does not really matter if you have a patent or not if you don’t have 3 million dollars to defend it.How about instead of being part of nuclear proliferation you keep your invention as a trade secret? Just because you can buy a monopoly, based on the work of countless others since you did not create it in a vacuum, does not mean it is the right thing to do.