Buffalo Residents Urged To Support Black Businesses

Local Black Chamber of Commerce calls for locals to "buy black" every day in August

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According to the Buffalo News, the local Black Chamber of Commerce is calling on Western New York residents to support black businesses every day during what is currently National Black Business Month.

“It’s about the overall economic health of the region,” said Richard C. Cummings, vice president the of Black Chamber of Commerce of Western New York. “If you have a section of the community that has sores and lumps, it can’t be a healthy community.”

Cummings believes many African Americans think that black businesses provide limited supplies. He points to the growth in suburban shopping by African Americans as a reason.

“There’s a wide of array, and there are many quality businesses that are run and operated by blacks,” said Cummings, a small-business owner. “And they offer competitive goods and services.”

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