5 Ways To Grow Your Business Through PR

Creating credibility using news, media, and social sources can help drive sales and revenues

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Every business owner needs public relations. PR can be a great way to help with both sales and delivering your message to consumers. There is something powerful about a respected magazine, newspaper, or TV show talking about your product or service. This has far more credibility than if you try to tell your story via advertising alone. Because great PR can create credibility, more so than advertising, it tends to also result in greater revenues.

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“Utilizing public relations as a way to grow your business is an important, but often overlooked as an affordable opportunity for businesses to expand their reach,” says James Judge, president and founder of Tampa, Florida-based Judge Public Relations. “Ultimately, you want to do good things and then you want to tell others about the good things you’re doing.”

The following fundamentals from JudgePR are essential when building a strong brand presence for any business, organization, or individual through effective PR strategies:

Become your own news source: Entrepreneurs should define what they want to accomplish, craft a message aimed at accomplishing this goal, and then tell everyone who will listen. Create a news page on your business’s website, and make it easily accessible through your home page. Feature anything newsworthy about your business on this page and share stories on social media. Creating original content and linking readers back to your website is invaluable for search engine optimization.

Be honest and transparent: All news is good news as long as you disclose maximum information with minimum delay. Always be honest and never try to cover up or hide something from the public or media. Being proactive with negative situations as fast as you would with positive situations can generate positive exposure from media outlets or at least help you to tell your side of the story.

Be persistent and consistent: News organizations receive thousands of press releases per day and it is possible for a story to get overlooked or lost. Don’t be afraid to call the assignment desks and editors to make sure they are receiving your press releases. You can also use this time to give them a brief pitch on why your story is important.

Broaden your horizons to get noticed: Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone on occasion. Only promoting your business in industry publications or writing about topics within your professional wheelhouse can be detrimental because you are limiting your brand’s sphere of influence. You will stand out more if you are a musician on ESPN rather than being just another musician on VH1.

Patience is key: Public relations doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t getting the results you want and never give up. It takes time and effort to get content covered by media outlets. If you aren’t seeing the results you want, change your approach or seek additional help from a PR firm.

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  • Michael Iwasaki


    Thank you for a wonderful article. You have touched on many excellent points that I am all to familiar with after being in the news distribution industry for nearly 15 years.

    One point that caught my eye was “Become your own news source” – An excellent point. Particularly if you have a newsroom for your business (we are in the business of providing online software that creates newsrooms for individuals as they post, no programming required).

    Being your own news source can demonstrate that you really are the expert in your industry and that people (journalists, bloggers, etc.) should pay attention to you. And they will go to you for ‘answers’ as you are seen as the ‘expert’.

    Although you touched on many other great points, this one, because of our new business model really hit home.

    Thank you Carolyn!

    ‘Create stunning newsrooms – easily and quickly’