Black Wealth: 4 Top Billionaires of Africa

These business tycoons' hard work paid off in a big way


These four entrepreneurs from Africa are all worth billions of dollars. What they have in common is their commitment to succeed, determination, positive attitudes, and an impeccable work ethic. Whether you’re starting out in your career and need motivation or you’re a senior executive intrigued by these billionaires and how they made it big, we could all learn a few things from these business moguls:

Aliko Dangote
Net Worth: $21.6 billion

Country of Origin: Kano, Nigeria

As of last month, the Nigerian-born billionaire became the 23rd richest person in the world and the richest man on the African continent. Dangote is now on track to become the world’s richest black man. The business mogul and industrialist started out by opening up a small trading company in 1977. The Dangote Group now operates globally and handles food processing, cement manufacturing, and freight. The company is a key supplier to soft drink companies and breweries internationally, and in Nigeria it is responsible for supplying to 70% of the market. With more than 11,000 employees, it is the largest industrial corporation in all of West Africa. In 2014, he donated 150 million naira ($1 million) to the Nigerian government to help prevent the spread of Ebola.

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  • Thank you for this inspired and inspiring article about the African wealth moguls and in so much detail. It’s wonderful to learn of these self made individuals. It is so refreshing and welcome to read these kind of success stories, although they are not available frequently enough. AA crime stats and details and other far less than inspired reading is,as we all know, available for public consumption on a daily basis. But Black Enterprise, thank you, you bring us something else, something more rich in every sense of the word, from African Americans and Africans who have distinguished themselves. For that I thank you so much, wishing you and yours a wonderful, happy, joyous and prosperous holiday season.*