• Isha Cogborn

    I’m a firm believer that no matter what your profession, everyone needs a hustle. In fact, it’s the centerpiece of my work as a coach – helping people learn how to make a living (or fun money) doing what they love. And I will certainly be working with my own son as he prepares to go to college in 2013 to have a side gig so he can stay out of my pocket!

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  • Thomas Handy

    The next button does not work on 5 Savvy Startups Students Can Launch for $200 or Less.

    • Steven Lemon

      Click it twice.


    I need to star up a Black business web site……’cause this one don’t work!!….SMDH!!

    • Steven Lemon

      I have operated such a website for years and it doesn’t work either. I guess some people want heat from the fireplace BEFORE they cut the wood.

      BTW, I came hee looking for BLACK OWNED CORPORATIONS.
      So far I have not found any.

      • Steven Lemon

        BTW, I am writing a similar article to this one but it includes information such as start up costs, equipment and supplies. I’ll send you a draft (and you can contribute your input?) if you send an email to

    • Rodario

      ! I am liokong forward to hearing how all this goes for you. You will be the right person at the right time in lives of those needing the guidance you are so appply able to graciously give. Sweet! 🙂

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  • Adeyemo Ajiboye

    tips on how to make money on internet without spending a dime
    While thousands of people belief that it takes Money to make money, I will show you how to make money without spending a dime. Am happy to show you the secrete, read more

  • Jamiel Cotman

    The best ideas are in this order

    3) Financial Planning

    2) Bookkeeping

    1) Employment Matching

    …the rest offered little barrier to entry.

  • Karma

    Maybe this was a silent joke, as in — the link doesn’t work because there aren’t any startups for $200 or less.. lol! Fix the link!!!

  • jesse arias

    i think this site is awesome. the only thing is finding the right idea and under $200.00 dollars.

  • Hamid

    I’ve read/heard that cdrihlen develop empathy by people empathizing with them. When you’re told to always care about something else and no one cares much about you, (obviously) that never happens.

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