Our World with Black Enterprise is the weekly 30-minute program, hosted by Marc Lamont Hill, providing a fresh mix of interviews with today’s top newsmakers and celebrities, eclectic roundtable discussions concerning the hottest topics affecting African Americans, and profiles of some of the world’s most intriguing people.

Albany, NY Sundays @ 5:30 am WNYT NBC
Anchorage Sunday @ 12 Midnight KYES MNT
Atlanta Saturday @ 6:30 am WAGA FOX
Augusta Sunday @ 5:30 am WJBF ABC
Austin Sunday @ 6:00 am KXAN NBC
Baltimore Sunday @ 6:30 am WNUV CW
Baton Rouge Saturday @ 3:00 am WAFB CBS
Baton Rouge Sunday @ 8:00 am WBXH MNT
Bend, OR Saturday @ 2:40 am KBNZ dt CBS
Birmingham / Tuscaloosa Saturday @ 5:30 am WABM MNT
Charleston, SC Saturday @ 5:30 am WCSC CBS
Charleston, SC Sunday @ 5:30 am WCSC CBS
Charlottesville Sunday @ 5:30 am WVIR NBC
Chattanooga Sunday @ 5:30 am WDSI FOX
Chattanooga Sunday @ 7:00 am EDSI dt MNT
Chicago Sunday @ 6:00 am WMAQ NBC
Cincinnati Sunday @ 4:30 am WCPO ABC
Cleveland Saturday @ 5:30 am WKYC NBC
Columbia Saturday @ 5:30 am WLTX CBS
Columbus – Tupelo Saturdays @ 5:00 am WLOV FOX
Columbus, GA Sunday @ 9:30 pm WYBU IND
Columbus, OH Saturday @ 6:00 am WTTE FOX
Dayton Sunday @ 6:00 am WDTN NBC
Detroit Sunday @ 11:30 pm WADL URB
Dothan Sunday @ 8:30 am WTVY dt IND
Duluth-Superior Saturday @ 5:30 am KBJR NBC
Flint Saturday @ 11:00 am EJRT dt ABC
Flint Sunday @ 11:00 am EJRT dt ABC
Florence/Myr Sunday @ 7:30 am WBTW CBS
Fresno Sunday @ 5:30 am KSEE NBC
Ft. Wayne Sunday @ 6:00 am WPTA ABC
Greensboro Saturday @ 5:30 am WCWG CW
Greenville/NB Sunday @ 8:30 am WCTI dt IND
Greenville-Spart Saturday @ 5:00 am WLOS ABC
Greenville-Spart Saturday @ 7:30 am WMYA MNT
Greenville-Spart Sunday @ 6:30 am WNEG CBS
Hartford Saturday @ 5:30 am WTNH ABC
Huntsville Friday @ 5:00 am WAAY ABC
Indianapolis Saturday @ 6:30 pm WSOT REL
Jackson, MS Saturday @ 4:00 pm WUFX MNT
Jackson, MS Sunday @ 11:00 am WUFX MNT
Jacksonville Saturday @ 5:30 am WJXX ABC
Kansas City Mondays @ 1:00 am KSMO MNT
Lafayette Sunday @ 6:00 am KATC ABC
Lansing Saturday @ 5:00 am WLAJ ABC
Las Vegas Saturday @ 8:00 am XLVO CAB
Las Vegas Sunday @ 3:00 pm XLVO CAB
Lexington Monday @ 12 noon WBLU MNT
Lima Sunday @ 7:00 am WLIO NBC
Little Rock Sunday @ 6:00 am KASN CW
Louisville Sunday @ 5:00 am WHAS ABC
Macon Saturday  @ 11 pm EMGT MNT
Macon Sunday @ 7:00 pm EMGT MNT
Madison Sunday @ 5:30 am WMSN FOX
Memphis Saturday @ 5:30 am WREG CBS
Miami Saturday @ 5:00 am WTVJ NBC
Milwaukee Sunday @ 6:00 am WVTV CW
Mobile Sunday @ 11:00 am WFGX MNT
Mobile Saturday @ 4:30 am WEAR ABC
Monroe Sunday @ 4:00 am KNOE CBS
Montgomery Saturday @ 11:00 am WRJM MNT
Nashville Saturday @ 6:30 am WUXP MNT
Nashville Sunday @ 7:00 am WKAG IND
New Orleans Sunday @ 9:30 pm WSTY lp IND
New York Sunday @ 1:00 pm & Variable WABC ABC
Norfolk Sunday @ 11:30 am WTVZ MNT
Oklahoma City Saturday @ 5:30 am KOCB CW
Omaha Sunday @ 5:00 am WOWT NBC
Omaha Sunday @ 6:00 am EOWT dt IND
Paducah Sundays @ 6:00 am WQWQ CW
Peoria/Bloom Saturday @ 6:00 am WEEK NBC
Phoenix Sunday @ 9:30 pm KDMA IND
Pittsburgh Sundays @ 5:30 am WPMY MNT
Pittsburgh Sunday @ 6:00 am WPGH FOX
Portland, OR Saturday @ 2:40 am KOIN CBS
Raleigh Sunday @ 11:00 am WRDC MNT
Richmond Saturday @ 5:30 am WTVR CBS
Roanoke Sunday @ 12:30 pm WDRL MNT
Rochester, NY Sunday @ 5:00 am WBGT MNT
Rockford Sunday @ 6:30 am ETVO dt MNT
Sacramento Saturday @ 5:30 am KXTV ABC
San Antonio Saturday @ 5:00 am KMYS MNT
San Francisco Saturday @ 5:30 am KTVU FOX
Savannah Saturday @ 5:30 am WJCL ABC
Seattle Sunday @ 8:30 am KHCV IND
Shreveport Tuesday @ 7:00 pm XCV CAB
Shreveport Sunday @ 9:30 pm XCV CAB
St. Louis Saturday @ 5:30 am KPLR CW
St. Louis Sunday @ 11:00 pm KNLC IND
Syracuse Saturday @ 5:30 am WSYR ABC
Tallahassee Sunday @ 12 noon WTWC NBC
Tampa/Sarasota Saturday @ 4:30 am WWSB ABC
Toledo Saturday @ 5:00 am WUPW FOX

  • Roland Milton

    I can,t find Boston, MA. on your list. I must say though that I was able to catch “Our World” by accident at about 4:30 am on a Sunday morning. I looked again the next week and no broadcast.

  • Peach

    I don’t see a listing for Atlanta. Amazing.

  • Audrey Porter

    Do you have a Charlotte,NC connection for seeing this program?

  • Terrence Elliott Porter

    Our World showcases the achievements of black Americans. Our World is presented by Black Enterprise magazine. Maybe the time has come for us to stop colorizing everything we do. Look at the air times. not exactly “prime time”. I understand the whole “racial pride” thing but I think that it has gone full cycle and has now become a hindrance to our progress. I just watched your 100th episode (the first for me} and the segment about Hollywood and the lack of opportunities for “black” men and women got my attention. It was sobering to see talented and accomplished black actors commenting on the sad state of affairs in the entertainment industry as it applies to them. Colorizing is racism and we can’t fight racism with racism

  • Loretta Means

    I live in Philadelphia, PA and “Our World” comes on at approx 3:30am. I have to set my alarm in order to watch. Mr. Porter must be of european decent, or just went to sleep at the wheel. He must also think affirmative action is no longer needed for people of color. Guess what we have not overcome, just because we have a man in the white house. The powers that be, who set the programing do not count us as important enough to have positive information. One minority at a time right now it’s Latinos . Wake up and smell the racism.

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