• Aqeel El-Amin

    Why is it important or necessary to know the sexual preferences of anyone, if it is not relevant to their contribution. The thrust now, is to “sanctify” the gay, lesbian and bi-sexual lifestyles into every arena of public life. Every person is entitled to the respect that is due to every human creation, but that does not mean that every behavior and/or lifestyle deserves to be respected or honored. Certain morals are universal, irrespective of the fact that not all will see these moral through the same principles; but that does not change the fundamental reality. Whether one believes in any particular religious principles, or none at all, he or she is not free to practice whatever come at their whim, and certainly has no right to force upon anyone to accept, support or give legitimacy to those whose actions violate the fundamental principles of those who condemn or denounce such lifestyles. This principle in no way can be compared with racial or religious discrimination practices.

    • HASSAN

      Here we go with this same ignorant, uneducated narrow minded Christian propaganda. First of all, being gay is not a “preference”, it is an ORIENTATION. Learn your words before using them. All human beings DESERVE TO BE RESPECTED. What idiot disagrees with that? Clearly YOU do. “Morals”? really? The black heterosexual community is about as Godless as they come in terms of the “morals” of your so-called Holy Book…You do NOT have the right to impose your ignorance and stupidity on me because you are a homophobic butthole that uses pseudo religious and spiritual arguments to rationalize their bigotry. I am black AND gay. I know more about oppression and degradation than you will EVER know, being only hetero and black. The thrust, you moron, is not to “sanctify” anything…it is to show that we have been, are, and ALWAYS WILL BE a part of the black community, whether you like it or not….We dont need your permission to be unashamedly black, or UNAPOLOGETICALLY GAY AND LESBIAN OR TRANSGENDERED. We are here. get used to us. You may need to come to one of us for a job one day. Lord knows those uneducated hetero black men that make babies and stay in and out of jail wont be entrepeneurs anytime soon…LOL

      • Nonchalant

        Everytime, a straight person disagrees with the “Gay lifestyle”, we are either ignorant or stupid. The problem with you Gays, is that you want to FORCE your beliefs on other people, like the above poster said. The fact that you claim, you had no choice, and its your orientation, and we should respect that, then you respect when someone beliefs are different from yours. I think it is insane for a grown azz man, to put makeup on, and claim he is a woman. People like that should be psycho analyzed! The above poster, Aqeel El-Amin, never resorted to name calling. Your whole so called movement is about insurance, and if a Man takes care of another Man, he should recieve benefits that a heterosexual couple would get. If a Man lived off of a Woman, that Man would be called sorry all day long, WE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF BEING FORCED TO ACCEPT YOUR PERVERSED LIFESTYLE!

        • Chiquita Collins

          The last time I checked no one is forcing their beliefs on anyone. I’m a lesbian and that’s my choice. I don’t expect anyone to agree with what works for me but, I expect to get rights and respect like you or any other human being. I’m so glad these things that are being said aren’t being said to my face. It’s so sickening that it’s “well with the world” for the LGBT community to be attacked and beat for something we chose to do. Everyone deserves happiness respect and love no matter who or what they choose.

    • Marquita Thomas

      To your point, why even have BLACK enterprise? Why is it necessary to highlight the racial background of anyone if it is not relevant to his or her contribution?

      It’s simple – everyone wants to see themselves represented – minority communities, faith communities and people of various sexual orientations. I clicked on this story because I am LGBT and I was surprised that a specifically black media source did a story on LGBT people especially knowing that so much of its demographic (people like you) would have an issue with it.

      To say that the parallel cannot in some way be circled back to the issue of race not entirely accurate. Is the struggle completely the same? No. Gay people have not been enslaved or denied the right the vote but we have been denied the right to marry and denied employment in many instances so to say there is no struggle whatsoever is not accurate either.

      And on a final note, you have no power to “sanctify” or legitimize anyone’s lifestyle and as such, no one is asking you to.

  • Bruce

    Congratulations and thank you for taking on such a difficult topic. It is nice to see a major magazine in the black community recognizing that there is more to the story. To Ageel, I would like to say that the workplace is filled with activity that throws the heterosexual “lifestyle” into the face of every gay, lesbian, and bisexual. We are constantly asked to attend or chip in money for wedding showers, baby showers, wedding presents, children’s graduations, etc. As far as your moral and religious argument, that has no place in the work environment either. There is a code of ethics that should be observed in the workplace and that is true wether dealing with coworkers or customers, but please do not start preaching morals. Again, Thank you to Black Enterprise. I am proud of you.

  • Jeff

    In response to Ageel El-Amin, I think that it is both important and necessary, particularly for African-American LGBTQ youth, to know that there are those who are just like them that have conquered the prejudices and judgments of the society-at-large and have made significant contributions to that same society despite its best efforts to be belittling and harmful. It is difficult enough to be both black and LGBTQ in America, especially when you are young and trying to figure your way through life. These people are role models and, similar to how we respect and admire African-Americans in general for their historical accomplishments, there is definitely a place to admire those who are ALSO LGBTQ. Sexual orientation, just like race, whether people want to believe it or not, is not something that one chooses. In addition, it is very relevant to their contributions since homophobia exists and it is an obstacle, just like racism, that these individuals have not allowed to keep them down. I, too, thank you Black Enterprise. Welcome to the 21st Century.

  • Tammy

    @Aqeel El-Amin. You’re entire post is nothing but homophobia. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when you say every person deserves respect but then go on to belittle the LGBT population for being who they are is talking out of both sides of your mouth.

    Why is that when someone identifies as gay or lesbian, they are then “forcing” down the throat of others? This is ridiculous.

    …”certainly has no right to force upon anyone to accept, support or give legitimacy to those whose actions violate the fundamental principles of those who condemn or denounce such lifestyles.”

    what are you talking about? this statement is so irrational it’s laughable. Black people, of all people, should know discrimination when they see or hear it.

  • Steve

    Aqeel El-Amin said… “Why is it important or necessary to know the sexual preferences of anyone, if it is not relevant to their contribution.” It is important AND necessary for Black LGBTQ youth, in particular, to see that others just like them are vibrant peple living full lives and making significant contributions in the face of a society chock full of people who think as you do, which, as Jeff said, is belittling and harmful. Even so, I have no doubt that your viewpoint will never change.

  • What language is African?

    “Prior to her death she changed her name to, Gamba Adisa, which in African reportedly meant “she who makes her meaning clear.” Seriously Black Enterprise who wrote this. It is really sad to see this type of ignorance from a publication geared toward intelligent ,enterprising Black people. If you are a journalist do your research & if you don’t want to then don’t put out nonsensical statements for others to ignorantly repeat. There is no such language as African & Black Americas need to do a little more for ourselves in studying African history & getting to know who we are. The information is there if you truly seek it & want to know-SMH! There’s a Yoruba language which this name comes from- which is part of Africa.

    • Gtgregfrg

      Happy Anniversary!I will never ever understand why there are laws like this. It is inrmipcehensoble that any government can have a say in who we can love.I wish you both much love and happiness.

  • Alden

    1 – LBGT is about alot more then sexual preference and until we speak up and become visiable liek the trailblazers non LBGT people will not understand that and more importantly young LGBT people will not understand that either.
    2- Anyone in the LBGT community will tell you there is no thrust to sanctify anything. I can understand where someone who is not apart of the community might be fooled in to believing that as well as buying into the concept of some lifestyle different than others.
    3 – Only the very narrowed minded would try rank discrimination.How does one determine that racial or religious discrimination is worst or does not compare to discrimination related to homophobia,especially if you have never experienced it?

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  • Billy Graham

    I applaud BE for this Cover Issue!! I have read many articles concerning being black and same gender loving in corporate America but this one really sets the standard.
    Since elementary school, my parents have always incorporated role models for my brothers and I to help us demonstrate what ‘success’ looks like; Sometimes the role models did not look/act like me, nonetheless they encouraged me to be the best that I could possibly become.
    As the one of two ‘out’ black gay men, we know that we are a minority in and ourselves, but we also demonstrate that regardless of our sexual preference, that we are also capable and worthy of getting the job done!
    I also have a personal responsiblity to other black same gender loving people that regardless of your orientation, that you can be successful while being BLACK AND GAY AND OUT! There is no reason to let others dictate that your orientation should like you to certain stereotypical professions!!
    BTW, being black and gay is not going away….we are in your churches, your familes, your work area, your schools, your fraternities/sororities/secret societies, etc.

  • Jesus Saves

    I am honestly shocked and appalled at BE covering of this topic as something that should be celebrated. This is a sad commentary because it spotlights people who have been damaged by rape, molestation, abuse, and suffering by the hands of individuals generally at and early age, by people who should have protected them. Not people who took advantage of them.

    Individuals who identify themselves as LBGT need to be accepted as human beings and God’s beautiful creation but not the sinful act of same sex marriage and relationships Satan and his demons are trying to shove down the throat of a Christian nation like the United States. Which if believers in Christ Jesus continue to sit by silently while this gay agenda is being promoted will continue to reflect less of a Christian nation and more of a Sodom and Gomorrah. Which is where the word sodomy comes from.

    BE I don’t know who in your organization is bound by this spirit, but this is unwelcomed by the masses. Let whoever is pushing this agenda either repent or go write for the Advocate.

    I believe that most people in the US including Black Americans would agree that Same Sex relationships are not anything that they support.

    If we did the voters in the states would reflect this supposedly morally acceptable lifestyle. Why is it not? Because we the people do not accept this lifestyle. We as blacks certainly do not identify this sins as a freedom from oppresion issue like slavery. Slavery was not a choice it was kidnapping, homosexuality is.

    Although family members and friends may be enslaved to this bondage (which it is bondage), and we love those who are doesn’t mean the lifestyle can be accepted.

    It doesn’t matter what popular talk show or Hollywood figure supports this lifestyle it will lead to death. Which is why most people who practice this lifestyle never live to see old age.

    My mom was born in the 40’s and is 65. Most of the people on this list died before I even had a chance to know them today. Which should not be the case considering some were also born well into the 1900’s.

    What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his/ or her soul.

    Finally, career accomplishments (e.g. politics, business, or the arts) does not sir and ma’am, an immoral lifestyle make.

    So please in the futuer reconsider your false sense of duty to spotlight people who are painfully trapped in a lifestyle that is not supported by the average American.

    Come on BE…your better than this…I hope and pray.


    • Vania

      Thanks so much Star. We will keep working for eqiutaly for everyone in this country!Pat!!! you are such a stranger these months. Thank you so much. And no worries about being a day late and a dollar short *g*. Miss you too!

  • Cheeses Shaves

    The arrogance and ignorance of some people who chose to be trapped in a Christian lifestyle never ceases to amaze me . . . .

  • Concerned!!!

    Bottom line is this: sin is sin, homosexuality is an abomination in which is a little more disrespectful to God. I don’t feel like if you have accomplished something great in life you should have it told based on your ssexuality, it should be action based. I do not agree with homosexuality, but I do not shun them either, we are all God’s people so I pray for the world in which we live, I don’t agree that a country founded on in God we trust should gladly embrace any sin, including yet not limitted to homosexuality. Being a Christian is not trap it is a belief in the word of the one true God almighty, I myself am not arrogant, I know what I know, and I know what I don’t know and I embrace both. I stand for Christ and what his word says and I pray, I am human and whether the topic is gay or straight people judge, some without even paying attention to what they are doing but it happens in all walks of life, my complaint about the alternative community is all the winning for lack of a better word, do you but everything doesnt have to cause a rally or have to result in those who do not agree with your actions and behavior being ignorant or uneducated or homophobic, they just simply do not agree in which happens in all walks of life. This is of no greater importance. God is the ultimate judge whether you believe or not so lets chill out a little and target some real issues that are plaguing our communities, the loss of our children, our education systems or lack there of, our crime amongst each other, AIDS, all these other more important issues. Concerned for our well being, lets get it together family!

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