Whitney Houston Leaves Everything to Bobbi Kristina

The iconic singer's will pinpoints her daughter as the sole beneficiary

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Whitney Houston left her entire estate to her 19-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina, according to reports.

The legendary singer’s will does not mention specific assets, but notes she would leave all of her clothing , furnishings, personal effects, jewelry and cars to her “surviving children,” Inside Edition reported on Wednesday.

Houston’s money will be put in a trust. Her sister-in-law and manager, Patricia Houston, was appointed the administrator of the estate.

As sole beneficiary, upon turning 21, Kristina will receive a portion of the money, the second at age 25, and the balance at age 30. Houston’s trustees can give her money from the trust for various purposes, including tuition, to buy a home and to start a business.

The will was signed on Feb. 3, 1993, approximately a month before Houston gave birth to her daughter.

  • Mike Brown

    I heard that Whitney didn’t have any money. She was seriously
    in debt to the tune of 4 million dollars. I also don’t like
    how Whitney’s side of the family is turning Bobbie away from
    her father. From what I remember, Bobbi had a nervous breakdown
    and then was released from the hospital. She then went on the
    Ophray Winfrey show when she was not really well.

    When there is no money will Whitney’s relatives really care
    about her?

  • Raisingdastakes

    I think Ms. Houston had problems before Bobby Brown. Being a substance counselor I can honestly see how everyone especially the family is “playing the blame game” substance abuse especially with women is almost always the root to something deep within us. If she was broke close to broke or whatever at the end of the day a mother lost her daughter and a daughter lost her mother. Many young aspiring singers lost a role model many of us lost our favorite artist. Bobby Brown lost his friend and the mother of his daughter. Why her “christine” family would want to add salt to wounds that need to heal by attempting to keep Bobbi Christina from her father..who knows. It’s sad and tragic

  • joe

    I don’t care what they say about Whitney, I wish she could have been helped but it doesn’t diminish her status as one the best female singers of all time. I feel so bad for her daughter and family but I will always love Whitney.