Will White Supremacist Groups Spark a Race War if Obama Wins?

Do you fear what may happen if Obama is re-elected?

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The election of the country’s first black president has spurred an increase in activity among white supremacist groups, and the members of these groups identify overwhelmingly as Republicans.

The Root spoke with Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center who said that the day after President Obama was elected, there were so many new people expressing interest in white supremacist groups that websites for some of the groups crashed. The groups Potok mentioned were Stormfront, a popular online message board, and the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), also known as “the white-collar Klan.”

Suprisingly though, most of the white supremacist groups like the CCC think Obama will probably win a second term, but unfortunately, they are also planning how they will respond to an Obama win.  The most extreme of the white supremacists portend a race war.

Read more of the story at the Root.


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