3 White Students Re-Enact Chris Brown, Rihanna Beating in Blackface

Just a comedic act or racist?

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white students blackface chris brown rihanna

Source: CNN

From The Grio

Three white high school students from New York are under fire after they re-enacted the Chris Brown and Rihanna beating during a school pep rally.

What made the display even worse was that the 3 participants were in blackface.

A former student at Waverly High School in Waverly, New York, Vlad Chituc, told CNN that the display was “blatantly racist.”

“The administration should be creating an environment where minorities are welcome, not the butts of racist jokes that make light of domestic violence,” said Chituc.

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  • Sadly, we do this to ourselves in some cases. The sensationalism behind the events of that night have never been too far from tabloids and trash celebrity news television. The morality of it being wrong, while it is attached, is not reinforced among our young people who see these people not as flawed but rather as successful and well adjusted (which neither artist actually are). Neither has actually moved on from the event but rather simply moved away from the immediate negative stigmas surrounding it but both Rhianna and Chris Brown still use their incident to fuel record sales and other advocacy which puts money in their pockets and others. Until that cycle is stopped, we cannot wholly blame young people for doing things like the events at a certain high school.

    It is obvious, in the way that it was presented at the school that this was planned and there had to be other adults involved in the process that could have stopped it or cited that it would not be the correct thing to do. So far, in what little I’ve read, there was not indicator that anything resembling a hard stop to the presentation was ever made. If we are going to hold anyone accountable, it has to start with the school administration and the policymakers who run the district.They should be taking as much heat, if not more, than the children who did the deed.

  • I’m sorry, blackface aside, why are they reenacting domestic violence? So many things wrong with this story! It’s funny…until you get your a@# beat!

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