White Staten Islanders Refuse to Help Black Mom Whose Sons Were Swept Away By Sandy

Two black Staten Island boys are believed to be Hurricane Sandy's youngest victims

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A mother whose two sons were swept out of her arms during Hurricane Sandy was left screaming on the street in Staten Island for 12 hours by neighbors who refused to help her, reports the Daily Mail.

Mrs. Glenda Moore left her Staten Island home on Monday night on her way to higher ground in Brooklyn with sons Brandon 4, and Connor 2, when her SUV was overtaken by flood waters and her two boys were swept out of her arms.

“It went over their heads,” a family member told the N. Y. Daily News. “She had them in her arms, and a wave came and swept them out of her arms.”

When she reached dry ground, Mrs. Moore knocked on one door but was told: ‘I don’t know you. I’m not going to help.’ Another neighbor refused to answer the door and she was unable to get anyone to help her call 911. She spent the night crying and wandering the streets. Her two boys were found dead on Thursday.

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  • That’s a very sad situation. I don’t have a clue as to how NY is but I would balk at people coming to my door at night where I live with out my “trusty rusty” in hand. They’re illegal in NY. Google the “Carr Brothers” and you’ll understand why. It’s not anything they didn’t bring on themselves. I am sad for her loss, but no one could have helped her save them poor boys.

  • Sorrow

    Because she is black and who would want to be bothered there especially in that town

  • Decent American

    That spook had no business in S. I.- She was probably looking for homes to burglarize. She’s upset that now she will have two less welfare checks.

    • Italy

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  • This is clearly not a case of black and white. Its a case of panic and personal loss. This woman went to people who were going through there own torment, and in no place to help, rather she was black or white. That poor mother. My condolences to you. I cant even imagine your pain.

  • As a comment to this magazine…you should be editing your comments, and removing the ones that refer to black people as “spooks”, or otherwise. You are the media, and have a moral obligation to society to NOT breed hate. Not to enhance it.

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      • Bob

        I also flagged your comments as abuse.

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      They have a moral obligation to report the facts which is obviously not what they did with this article you dumb bitch. They are breeding hate with this shit. Get a fucking clue

      • Bob

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  • Ironic that in the photo next to her, supporting her in her time of grief, is in fact whitey, aka The Man. I wonder if the magazine ran the story when a 16 year old black gangsta shot two white british tourists here in Sarasota? In the ghetto no one reached out to help whitey. Fortunately he is now in prison for life. BOO YA.

  • Tired of the whining

    Good job in keeping the whole racism BS alive and well. Just because she’s black doesn’t mean that’s why no one helped. A white woman screams for help in a black neighborhood because she’s being raped and no one helps but that’s not racism. Only if the victims black. I know… Poor black people… They’re so oppressed. Give me a break. Maybe her dumb ass shouldn’t have been out in a hurricane and her kids would still be here.

    • Bob

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      Note: The majority of blacks are not this way. They – like everyone else are trying to earn a living and provide for their family. They don’t see color they see people. As do most of the whites.
      Sadly it is the 10% that give both races a bad name. Dosen’t help that you have those that exploit for their own personal gain. Al sharpton comes to mind. I digress.


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  • Bob

    My condelences to her loss. Sadly it was very preventable. IF she had heeded all the warnings being broadcast for days they would be alive today. Instead she waited until it was dangerous to go out- she was safe at home, and that act cost her the lives of her kids.
    As for the ‘white people’ – according to ther only one answered the door so how did she know they were all white? Also- as pointed out by others- these folks were also in scramble and save their butt mode and may not have been able to help. She is trying to lay the guilt she feels for her actions that killed her kids onto others. Typcial refusal to take responsiblity for one’s actions.
    Color has nothing to do wiht it except in her mind. She wants the publicity and woulld not have gooten it if she said ‘blacks’ refused to help her. Seems to me she is setting things up so she can sue. No sense letting a tragedy go to waste when there is a fortune to made off others NOT repsonsible.