WATCH: ‘Dear White People’ Advocates For Racial Insurance

Covers everything except the N-word!

Image: YouTube

With Justin Simien’s Dear White People filling up theaters around the nation, there latest promo imagines a world where one can buy “racism insurance” for those not-too-PC moments.

The video, which you can see for yourself below, features a clueless white man who conversationally spews racist comments at various black people. The reactions are all full of shock and disdain at the level of ignorance displayed. This is when a member of the Racism Insurance comes in to save the day.

A suave black man appears to save the day by diffusing the situation. Sometimes it goes well, and sometimes it ends with a life lesson learned. The folks behind Dear White People add an element of satire in hopes of raising awareness of the film being in theaters.

You can peep the video for yourself below:

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SOURCE: Shadow And Act

  • SouthernGal

    “Racism Insurance: coverage for white privilege?”
    I guess I won’t be insurable, as I am “white”, but damn sure not “privileged”!
    Where the hell do some people get that white people are so “privileged” just because they are “white”?
    And BTW, would someone like to define exactly what “white” is?
    I am of so many bloodlines (english, german, irish, choctaw, cherokee and yes, black!)
    And just what makes blacks “black”? Just how many 100 % african bloodlines actually still exists in this country that were born here? I would bet not many!
    Another thing, what is the big deal with being called “African American”?
    If you are born here in the United States, you are an AMERICAN, period.
    You should wake up everyday thanking God to be so, I know I do, even though a majority of my ancestors were murdered for this land.
    I live in a very mixed raced neighborhood, my children went to mixed public schools, my youngest just entered a community college. She is friends with a black boy, who’s mother is in about the same financial situation as I am, they got the exact help with aid.
    I am so tired of the race card being used in most every way of life.
    Each persons life is based on many things, some they have no controll over.
    I didn’t get to finish school, much less get the chance to go to college.
    But I knew I didn’t want to live off welfare, so at age 14 I started working any odd job I could get. I eventually got into restaurant/lounge work, but I wasn’t content to continue breaking my mind, body and sole in a meaningless form of work.
    I kept pushing myself to learn through hands on experience until I made it to management. Still not satified, I took a “leap of faith” in myself and tried management in another field.
    I was so afraid, but I knew even though I had no formal education, I was smart, determined and willing to work my ass off. It paid off! I was excellent at my job, great company, good pay, excellent benifits which worked out very well as later on I became totally disabled.
    I am managing with no welfare, but’s it’s not easy.
    So, Please tell me where to find my “white privilege”?
    Nevermind, I know it doesn’t exist!

    • BooBooBaby

      White privilege is a BS myth! No business HAS to hire a White Person. ….but that business HAS to hire anyone non white even if the person is Less Qualified. ….I know Non white people that own businesses and or run businesses and Hate this law!