WATCH: Black Enterprise Reports from the #MillionHoodieMarch for Trayvon Martin

Hundreds descend on New York's Union Square to rally around the parents of Trayvon Martin and demand justice for his murder

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Trayvon Martin, an innocent young black man assumed guilty because of his hoodie (Image: File)

Where there is action, there is opportunity for progress.

Yesterday, hundreds descended on New York’s Union Square to demand justice for the callous murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, an unarmed high schooler who was shot by self-appointed neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida. Zimmerman claimed he felt “threatened” by Martin, whom he chased against police instruction when he called 911 to let them know a “suspicious” person was in his neighborhood. The baby-faced Martin, who was headed back from the store to watch a basketball game with his father, was reportedly “armed” with Skittles and an iced tea. In 911 recordings from neighbors, you can hear the teen screaming for help, and then the single gunshot that silenced him.

Black Enterprise’s Veronica Buapim headed out to Union Square to interview protestors who rallied around Martin’s parents, demanded Zimmerman’s arrest and asked the inevitable question: what’s next?

Video produced, shot and edited by Deven Clarke

  • Stacey Ellis

    The murder of Trayvon Martin is a tragedy that should never have happened in the United States of America in the year 2012. Every American should be outraged at the senseless murder, the motivation behind it and the lack of arrest of Mr. Zimmerman. Just from the portions of the 911 call that have been available to the public it is clear that it was a case of bias, racism and a preconceived perception of African American males by one single person. Pressure should be put on all states that endorse the “Stand Your Ground” law as this one case shows the great margin of error, basically the loss of an innocent life, that is the result of such a law. The Florida police are not the only ones who should feel pressure from the public on the law and this particular case. Every lawmaker in the nation should sit up and pay attention to the consequences of such legislature.

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  • Love Lost
  • Love Lost

    Watch this to get a deeper understanding of it all.

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  • marketta

    I Am Trayvon Martin!

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  • Omar pryor

    I can tell you this. This guy geroge is going to walk for what he did because if he is guilty like I know he is but the judge is going to let him off this guy is going to because his lies and because his skin color if that would been a black guy did that he would been in jail they would not been waiting for his trial or jury lock the gate and throw away the keys I know that and you know that and every body else know that people dont want to say it but if every body treat every body the same people would not feel that way or this way people treat blacks and wbites like less then a dog I see animal get treated better then we treat different race and thats sad I love people no madder what color you are I date white yellow brown black it dint madder to me satan got alot of people in this world hateing on each orger hes good at it hes been doing it for thousands of years and hes winning and youll cant see it hate to say it as long as hes around its going to be hate.


      Omar… Skin color? Really? You are just as racist as the others who post here and pass judgement. Most black people born in the United States are so I guess you are no exception. IDIOT

      • Willie Boner

        Good call on Omar