WATCH: Amid Criticism, Suze Orman Defends Her New Prepaid Debit Card

In a video interview with reporter Sharlita Brantley, Suze Orman goes on the defensive about launching her own prepaid card

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Personal finance guru Suze Orman speaks during a ?Taking power back from banks for consumers, and the fight against poverty? event January 12, 2012 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Orman, along with Princeton University Professor Dr. Cornel West and talk show host, author and liberal political commentator Tavis Smiley, spoke about Orman's ?People First? movement on behalf of consumers to fight banks and their fees. Those fees hit the poorest Americans hardest and their efforts to restore the nation?s prosperity as more and more Americans slip into poverty and unemployment. AFP PHOTO/Karen BLEIER (Photo credit should read KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

Orman on defense (Image: Getty)

In a recent interview with Shartia Brantley of and CNBC, financial guru Suze Orman defended her “Approved Prepaid Mastercard,” one that she has called a “game changer.” Endorsers from Kim Kardashian to Lil’ Wayne to Russell Simmons have all taken heat in the past for endorsing prepaid cards and targeting the less than “creditworthy” community. As Brantley writes, “launching a prepaid debit card that bears her name has brought an onslaught of criticism for Ms. Orman. Critics say she is held to a higher standard than other celebrities who have endorsed or placed prepaid debit and credit cards on the market.”

See Orman’s video with below as she discusses why she launched The Approved card and responds to her critics.

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  • mallerie

    Ok that’s all good and well whatever but simply having a large atm network doesn’t make this card “magnificent”. And credit doesn’t just depend upon you paying your bills on time, it’s also upon whether you can pay back money that is loaned to you. Debit cards do not have any “loaned money” on it so how can this help you establish a credit score?? And its Mastercard yuck. Anywho, I think she’s just trying to cash in instead of finding a different way to reach out like maybe with a high school financial program or even starting a really small credit union that really takes time to educate people on how financial institutions and credit works. Smh! Thank you Suze for “trying” to break the cycle. . .*eyes rolling*

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  • Lrna Brister

    I am trying to find a debit card I can afford & keep a little money in case of emergency. which one would you advise me to try? I live on a very limited income, disability. I also heard that you have credit cards that help rebuild credit history as my health has caused me to behind in all my credit card payments. Please hlp me