D.C. Students Being Paid To Attend Summer School

Do you agree with this program paying students?

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From the Washington Examiner

A Washington D.C. program called “Summer Bridges” paid 305 students this summer to attend summer school.

The program pays ninth-grade students $5.25 an hour to participate. Students were told that attending school would be their jobs for the summer.

Summer Bridges was created to help students less likely than their peers to graduate high school within 4 years.

Councilman Michael A. Brown wondered whether this will encourage students to sleep through the school year to get paid in the summer.

Read more at the Washington Examiner

  • I think this great.excelling…

  • This is a great idea. With the unemployment rate particularly high among teens, why not pay them to attend summer school so that they can develop the necessary skills that will prepare them for the workforce and college. This is clearly an investment in the future.