Washington Report: Black Tea Partiers Fight Charges of Racism

Members denounce notion that there are racists among them

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Black conservatives met in Washington to condemn charges of racism against the tea party.

When black conservatives held a press conference this week to denounce the notion that there are racists within the tea party movement they came out swinging. Members of the Tea Party Express, which organized the meeting at the National Press Club in Washington, vehemently denied that their supporters are brandishing signs calling President Barack Obama the n-word or comparing him to Adolf Hitler.

“The purpose for this gathering is to express that there are no racial motivations or content within the tea party,” said one of the speakers. This meeting is to “emphatically state that the tea party movement does not endorse racism, it has not, and it will not.” The conservatives said that the signs and hate language are the work of infiltrators who are trying to discredit them to build support for Obama and his policies.

The event Wednesday was in large part a response to the NAACP’s resolution three weeks ago calling on the group to condemn extremist elements within its ranks.

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“Personally, I’ve yet to meet anybody racist at a tea party [event],” said author and blogger Kevin Jackson, who counts Adam Breitbart, the conservative blogger who creatively edited the Shirley Sherrod speech, among his friends. Signs and slogans at rallies with racist overtones, he added, “don’t exist; they’re a figment of the left’s imagination because the tea party movement is making a stand.”

Niger Innis, spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality , said that left-leaning individuals and groups have made “purposeful attempts” to paint the movement as racist because it disagrees with Obama’s policies.

“When you say the first president, who happens to be African American, is beyond reproach, and if you criticize him you’re a racist, what you’re really saying is that he can’t handle the job,” Innis said. “I think the president should know it’s actually an insult to him.”

Video: BE reporter Joyce Jones questions tea party members about the John Lewis spitting incident

The group also said that the both the Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP have lost their relevancy by refusing to speak out against policies that are harmful to the black community or accepting payoffs to remain silent.
“These organizations are about themselves,” said Jackson.

When asked why they refuse to accept the word of Rep. John Lewis and other black lawmakers who said that spit and racial epithets were hurled at them during a tea party protest over healthcare reform, Jackson said, “Why wasn’t George Bush’s word good enough? … At least Monica Lewinsky kept her skirt. Where’s the spittle?” he said in reference to former President Bill Clinton’s relationship with his former intern.

Other speakers included Alan Keyes, chairman of Conservative Majority PAC; Lloyd Marcus, author of “Confessions of a Black Conservative;” radio talk show host Herman Cain; and Mychal S. Massie, chairman of Project 21 the National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives.

  • gapanther

    This continues to show that there are no adults in the tea party nor among conservatives. When you have white supremacist as a part of your group, you have racist in your group. Period. These people see everything through they’re idealogical prism. 

    • William

      You say that is if NOBODY on the Left or in the Democratic party is racist.  We can start with the Vice President Biden and his comments about President Obama should give you pause.  There aare other eexamples but only one is necessary to prove my point.  This racist image of the tea party is a farce and is politically motivated. 

  • George

    I commend you for actually reporting the news, rather than injecting your own opinion into it. The left’s attempt to pigeonhole the TPE into the racist radical category is really pitiful and it is a shame more journalists haven’t reported attempts by the TPE to dispel the notion. 

    I would say that you were rebutted quite successfully in the youtube video where you attempt to question the motivations of TPE downplaying the congressman who accused tea party activists of calling him the N word. No evidence and yet many main stream journalists continue to perpetuate the accusation w/o fact.

  • l00ker

    Don’t count on getting any objective and impartial information from the likes of CNN, CBS, ABC, HLN, nor NBC MSNBC Telemundo Universal on the Tea Party, which is a movement consisting of Americans from all walks of life. Those media propoganda outlets are in the tank of the Democrats, who rely on their constiuents to be ignorant, poorly informed and dependent, so any black person who chooses to be none of these and independent in thought and politics will been covered in a negative light. Black people who don’t let the Democratic party use them as politic pawns and props have always been portrayed as “traitors” to the black community, because these black people choose to do what Booker T did, and that is to play the hand in the game that the cards were dealt in. So these people choose to use the system, instead of being used by the system, such as the blacks who have been voting Democratic for decades, but have lived in crumbling cities under Democratic rule for all if not most of their lives. The majority of Tea Partyers are taxpayers and white, so they will be the majority in any tax revolt, but a lot of black and other people are Tea Partyers and taxpayers too, but their populations in the country are smaller. The bottom line is that the Democrats and their media shills see that the Partyers are becoming a potent political force, and this force must be divided and neuatralized if the Democrats are to contniue to throw most blacks under the bus, and the media shills in setting the political tone and landscape. Tea Partyers are for independence and country, while Democrats and their media shills are for power and wealth redistribution.

  • Maurice

    These Blacks doing this press conference are trying so hard to be something they are not. I am not sure who they think the are fooling.

    • Larry

      Maurice. In these types instances we need to look at each objectively, be fair and do no make any assumptions. It is a great opportunity to look inside of ourselves and see if we have biases. You are judging ‘these blacks’ (whom I am sure you know very little about) by saying they are trying to be something they are not. Your comment makes be at first thought believe you are biased and bigoted. However, I will withhold that judgement as I do not know you at all. It is silly and naive to believe all people, however honorable, fair, and of utmost character cannot make mistakes and say or do something dishonorable and dishonest, or unfair. Until I have evidence to the contrary, I will assume Rep. Lewis and yourself fall into that category. And I have neither seen nor heard any substantial actions, policies, or statements coming from the Tea Party leaders to indicate that they are racists. So I hope that Joyce Jones will look inside herself to examine whether she is in fact unfair and biased in insisting that we all must accept Rep. Lewis’ word as sole proof of the incident.

  • Great to see conservatives blacks standing up and being counted. We are such a minority in the our own community. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad the arguments I get from my fellow blacks on pressing issues of today. Their situation and everything that happens to them is because they are black/hispanic. They will not take responsibility for being where they are.

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