VP Joe Biden Tells Black Crowd: “Romney Will Put You Back In Chains”

Did the vice president put his foot in his mouth again?

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Vice President Joe Biden is attracting heat from the Republican Party for his comments about Mitt Romney and Wall Street at a campaign stop today.

At a campaign event in Danville, Virginia comprised of mostly blacks and whites, Biden said that Romney and Wall Street may turn back the clock to a forgettable time.

“(Romney) is going to let the big banks once again write their own rules, unchain Wall Street,” Biden said at a campaign event in Danville, Virginia. “He is going to put y’all back in chains.”

Romney’s campaign team said President Obama’s campaign has reached a “new low.”

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  • photognome@everestkc.net

    Composed mostly of blacks and whites
    no blues or yellows?

    • HaHaaa! Seriously, Joe Biden is makin’ it pain. Romney’s agenda is leaning hard towards indentured servitude. Nothing funny about that.

  • GN

    I have read comments AT THIS SITE accusing black voters of being “on the Democratic plantation.” Why the outrage at Biden other than naked partisan dislike of Dems?

  • Shareef727

    This is truly a most VOTE election. The GOP has already started the
    process of putting folks in chains…. VIA the purging of voters off the
    books in states Like PA, Florida, and Ohio. We need to take this election seriously