Government Agency Pays Prison Labor Less Than $1 An Hour

Do you feel prisoners are being unfairly exploited?

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prison laborFrom the Huffington Post

A government run agency named Unicor pays over 13,000 inmates across the U.S. wages as low 23 cents an hour.

The owner of a small apparel factory in Kentucky told CNN Money that his factory almost lost out on a contract to make windbreakers for the U.S. Air Force because of Unicor.

“That’s 100 people buying groceries. We use trucking companies in the town, buy parts and light bulbs there every day,” he said in an interview with the news outlet. “That’s all lost when prisons take away contracts.”

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  • Modern day slavery.

  • Kenton

    Stay out of trouble and get a real job however I don’t think they should be making products below minimum wage. Cleaning up the park or highways is one thing but being used for a corporate profit I am against it.

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