Unemployed? The White House and Monster.com Want to Hear from You

The Obama administration is giving job hunters the opportunity to sound off about the economy

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African-Americans are gravely affected by the unemployment crisis that is rocking our country. Want an opportunity to have your most pressing employment question answered by a senior economic adviser? Now’s your chance.

The White House has teamed up with job-finder megasite Monster.com to let you weigh in on the economy and how the administration’s decisions are affecting your life. The partnership between the leading online employment resource and the Obama administration is designed to directly reach jobseekers, giving them a platform–on Monster’s Facebook page–to not only pose vital economic questions, but to exchange ideas and foster a budding job hunter community. 

The weeklong campaign wraps this Sunday, Nov. 14.,with Monster.com choosing between 5 to7 of the top, most compelling questions (or most “liked”). A top economic White House advisor will then videotape a response, which will be posted on the Monster YouTube channel and WhiteHouse.gov.

A White House source tells Blackenterprise.com that the joint venture will give citizens greater access to the administration through dialogue. Matthew Henson, vice president of public relations of Monster Worldwide, agrees. “It is a genuine effort to provide jobseekers with a meaningful voice in the debate over the economic recovery,” says Henson. “We’ve been working over the last few months to engage jobseekers on a whole host of issues, so providing them access to the White House to voice some of their concerns, questions, solutions and ideas is for us another extension of how we want to communicate with our jobseekers.”

This is not the first time the Obama administration has used social media. Last February, the president answered user-submitted questions on YouTube’s CitizenTube channel and, most recently, the hour-long youth town hall event that aired on BET, CMT and MTV.

So, tell us what you think: Will you sound off? What would you want to ask President Obama about jobs and the economy?

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Additional reporting provided by our Washington D.C. correspondent, Joyce Jones.

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  • I just posted my question to President Obama and have invited others on Facebook to do the same. I am concerned with non-traditional job hunters, especially artists and entrepreneurs. I also wanted to know more about  the impact of his new economic policies on India. This type of forum is a really good idea. Thx .

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  • Pete

    I am a native from Colorado age 47 that has worked 35 years and never asked the government for financial assistance. This is extremely hard times for me as I have lost my job in September 2009 and have been on unemployment for over a year. I have three college degrees in business that consist of an Associates degree, BAS and MBA that put in debt 77,000 in student loans. My intentions where to use these college degrees to get a better paying job to pay my loans and have a better life for me and my family, instead I have gone in the wrong direction that has destroyed my credit as there are no jobs to pay my bills and student loans. The unemployment checks just help me pay half of my bills causing me to lose all my credit cards, house and car payments. I have been forced to move me and my family into my parents house as I have to borrow my mother’s car to look for a job and do all other important errands. This country is going in the wrong direction by sending all the high paying jobs to other countries just to save money. President Obama has promised to change the country, things seem to get worse than better, I guess to be president you just have to promise the American people false hope. I remember when I heard President Obama’s speech before he became our commander and chief he promised to help the American people by taking a new direction gave me hope. Now all there is for me is 77,000 dollars in student loans that cannot afford to pay and no home for my family to live. What happen to the American Dream to be successful by owning a house, car and college money for my children? The stress has taken its toll on me worrying about how I am going to pay my bills causing me to have high blood pressure, now I have to pay for prescriptions that I cannot afford because I have no health insurance. The government wants to cut my unemployment benefits this week as I have been unemployed only one year. I called the unemployment office where they were kind of rude telling that my unemployment benefits have been exhausted and why I have not I found a job. That angered me as I have worked so hard over the last 35 years and they are giving a hard time being on unemployment for one year. If things keep going the way they are, people that work for the government (unemployment office) may not have a job as well because there more Americans out of work that use to pay taxes out of there check for that last 35 years. We need this unemployment assistance until the economy improves, so President Obama if you read this America needs your help ASAP.
    Pete Solano