Tyra Banks Ending Talk Show

Media mogul plans to start movie studio

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NEWS_PollOption1Supermodel-turned-entrepreneur Tyra Banks has announced that the current and fifth season of “The Tyra Banks Show” will be the last. She cites wanting to expand her brand and production company as the reason for ending the show. Just a few months ago in November, media queen Oprah Winfrey announced the end of her groundbreaking talk show, “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” in 2011. Upon Winfrey’s announcement, Black Enterprise polled its audience to see who might be the next “Queen of Daytime,” and, of the names proposed, Banks was a strong candidate.

Though ending her talk show, Banks, 36, will continue to executive produce “America’s Next Top Model,” the CW/UPN Network hit that enters its 15th season in February. She will also remain co-producer, with Ashton Kutcher, of the show “True Beauty,” which airs on the ABC network and is now in its second season. Among her future plans are the formation of a movie studio, Bankable Productions, and other projects that will allow her to reach and empower even more women and young girls. She’s also planning to upgrade her Web presence.

Like a true entrepreneur and business woman, part of the reason Banks is excited about her new endeavors is because they will create job opportunities. “ … What I love about creating new projects is that it also creates new jobs for talented people, in front of and behind the camera,” she says on her Website, Tyra.com, in an open letter to her fans. At the same time, she laments ending “The Tyra Banks Show,” which has won two Daytime Emmy awards, because it will mean the dissolution of its staff.

Right now, with both Banks and Winfrey ending their shows in 2010 and 2011 respectively, Wendy Williams will be the only  African American female presence in the daytime talk show space.

  • Sophia

    Her show is ending because all she does is exploit black women. She acts like she doesn’t bleach her skin, didn’t get a nose job, and doesn’t wear long straight European Silky BLOND WEAVES!!! And then she turns around wears corn-rolls in her hair for a day on her show, and says that black women don’t want to be black if they bleach their skin or wear a weave. Please! Is that empowerment? No it’s hypocrisy! I am a DARK SKIN woman who does use a little bleach every so often, but I do that to make my skin even tone. And yes, I am still dark skin!!! And I love it. I am no less black than the next girl. Most black women have a combination of different colors on their skin. Why should my face be a different color from my neck and chest? I can’t use a little skin lightener, cause Tyra’s high bleached ass says I wouldn’t be black enough? How can she say these things when she has bleached herself. Look at pictures of her as a young teen. Give me a break! I’m glad that poison is coming off the aire. I know so many women, black, white, and hispanic that think her show degrades black women. Her show even had a black actor come on and say he doesn’t like black women cause they are ghetto and rude, so he only dates white women. She perpetuates the stereotypes that are out there about us. The actor made a video saying that they made him say those things, and that he was ashamed for going along with it. I guess she’ll go back to wearing her 18 inch weaves. Watch her. Goodbye Tyra. I always loved Naomi…

    • Anonymous

      Don’t think you wanna hear this but….You….Are…..CRAZY!!! Actually you’re PROBABLY crazier than Tyra…. this is TRULY hipocracy at its finest. You knock her for bleaching her skin then you go on further to say YOU BLEACH YOUR SKIN??? Ok…I’m done. Carry on

      • Robyn

        Why are we bleaching our skin? Who cares if Tyra bleach her skin or you bleach your skin. So what if her show is ending, who cares? I don’t like her show. She is really not that good at interviewing people. She ask the dumbest questions. Let Ellen take over the network I finally decided to like her.


  • Amelie

    I agree Sophia! She does indeed put us down while she reaches out one hand and tells us to take it. She has decided that she will use the show to exploit all of our insecurities. The funny thing is she forgot who her target audience was. She needs us in order for her show to succeed. I believe she has some sort of vendetta against dark skinned black women because of what she claims Naomi has put her through. She has decided to use her show as some soapbox to remind the world that dark skinned women are jealous of light skinned women and want to very much be like them. It really is so transparent. I am glad she will be off the air soon. I do think that she is afraid more people will come out and put her on blast and that is why she is ending her show, also she desperately needs that weave back and I don’t think she’ll have the nerve to wear it on her show. Such a hypocrite.

  • jacqui

    I love Tyra Banks and think you all should stop hating. This crap about not black enough or whatever is just as wrong as racism. She’s a lovely woman who tries to encourage others.

    I will miss her show.

  • Meme

    I actually was an audience member at an episode of the Tyra Show. To me Tyra was rather distant like she treated her audience as filler for the show…don’t think this was in her heart to do…it was probably just a step towards something. You know Tyra, she’s always switching it up!

    • Tia

      I was an actual guest on her first season show. I thought she was pretty cool until the cameras turned off. I didn’t think nothing of it because everything was so rushy rushy. I do have mixed feelings about Tyra but hey that’s hollywood people for you. As for her show and I’m not saying this because I was her guest but after the first couple of seasons it started going down hill for me. The show topics were garbage year after year. She had a few good shows like the one with Beyonce’, Robin Thicke etc. But I’m glad she has ANTM. I believe the talk show was like her gas money and her real bread and butter is ANTM. Lol. God bless.

  • MM

    Why all of a sudden when Oprah announces she’s going?

    • Robyn

      Because she has been on the air for many years its time to relax and be with her beau!

  • Amelie

    I’m sorry Jacqui, but where did you read anything about black enough?

  • Robert Mead

    Tyra is not ending her show, her show is being cancelled due to poor ratings.

    • Tia

      I believe that too. I didn’t buy what she said about moving on. I really think the show got canned due to poor ratings.

  • Tia

    Everybody has this to say about Tyra and that to say about Tyra. To me I have mixed feelings about her. One minute she seems real and the next she seems oh so fake. I was a guest on her first season show. She helped me with some helpe that I desperately needed. For that I am greatful for. I was on the same show with Anna Nicole Smith.

  • There really was no point of her having her own talk show