Twitter User Creates Hashtag Campaign Calling for Boycott of Latest Star Wars Film

Opponents of the casting of actor John Boyega sound off with racist and bigoted insights

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Many have anticipated the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but recently a small group of Twitter users are calling for a boycott, claiming the film is “anti-white propaganda.”

In comes the hashtag campaign, #BoycottStarWarsVII, started by fans of the film series’ producers casting black actor John Boyega, claiming the film was promoting “white genocide.” The same user also referred to director JJ Abrams as a “Jewish activist.”

There was also a reported hoax story of a man committing suicide over Boyega being cast in the film.

The hashtag began to trend, but other users pounced in denouncing it, turning the hashtag campaign on its heels and using it to call out bigotry and racism.




Despite the call for a boycott, first-day ticket sales reached a record high, surpassing The Hunger Games.

The Daily Show even weighed in on the boycott, with a segment led by Trevor Noah. Check out video below:

Other stars and celebrities weighed in as well: