MSNBC Hosts Blame Hip-Hop Music for Racist Fraternity Video

Black Twitter creates viral hashtag #RapAlbumsThatCausedSlavery

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(Image: File)If all else fails, we know that we can rely on black twitter to fire back at critics who love to blame hip-hop culture for the racism that exist today.

After members of the University of Oklahoma’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity found themselves in hot water after being caught on video singing a racist chant, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Hosts Mike Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough placed themselves into the scandal by coming to the defense of the fraternity members.

Brzezinski referred to the music of Waka Flocka Flame, who cancelled his show at the university after seeing the video, as one of the reasons the students shouldn’t be faulted for singing the chant.

“If you look at every single song, I guess you call these that [Waka Flocka’s] written, it’s a bunch of garbage,” she said. “It’s full of n-words, it’s full of f-words. It’s wrong. And he shouldn’t be disgusted with them, he should be disgusted with himself.”

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Scarbough echoed Brzezinski’s sentiments saying, “Anybody that watches Empire knows that 70% of the audience is white. So the kids that are buying hip hop or gangster rap, it’s a white audience, and they hear this over and over again. So do they hear this at home? Well, chances are good, no, they hear a lot of this from guys like this who are now acting shocked.”

Host Willi Geist interjected, explaining, “There is a distinction between white kids on a bus talking about hanging someone and Waka Flocka singing a song.”

Remarks from the show quickly went viral and within a matter of minutes, Black Twitter had already come up with the clap back hashtag #RapAlbumsThatCausedSlavery for those who continuously blame rap music for the racist behavior of others.

Click below to see some of the popular tweets that have been circulated.

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  • Shan. Church.

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I am so sick of certain people acting so clueless about the racism in this country. These are young frat boys they need to be focused on success, planning their futures, and connecting with others and learning form other cultures and growing as human beings so they can contribute positively to society. Instead their idea of a goodtime is chanting about n..ggers not getting into their frat. How pathetic is this. I don’t think any black guys want to get into their frat any way. I mean really? The fact that this is viral in the wake of the Selma anniversary is no coincidence either.

    • MsMcCool49

      Thank you.

  • MrsMommy

    WHICH came first? The racist Founding Fathers or the corporate slave-ship egg?

    • Sean Ridley

      Was it a trade or an invasion? A trade. The money was given to african tribes that conquered weaker ones.

      • Genica Allen

        And then the stopped trading and forcefully took the people they were trading with. You conveniently left that part out. That’s the problem, you only tell half the truth, the part that makes some white feel not so bad. Tell the whole truth or nothing at all.

      • giggy

        So explain the idea of Jim Crow,

      • giggy

        So explain the idea of Jim Crow,

  • MsMcCool49

    @Shan.Church., you are passionate and eloquent in your post…most of all…you are correct. Thank you for being a person who looked at all angles before stating a thought. Thank god there are still some intelligent and interesting people out there!

  • Shedricka Williams

    That is a bunch of bull. That is like saying cotton cause slavery. Please people own up to this crap and quit trying to justify stuff like this by blaming any and everybody else.

  • Shedricka Williams

    That is a bunch of bull. That is like saying cotton cause slavery. Please people own up to this crap and quit trying to justify stuff like this by blaming any and everybody else.

  • Robert L Benson II

    I’m going to say this again and again… The word n$%ger is defined by actions, not color. So there are a bunch of n$%gers in SAE and they just proved it.