Twitter Reacts to Jesse Williams’ ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’ Boycott

The activist-actor calls on others to reject Ridley Scott's new movie

Image: Huffington Post

If you haven’t been paying attention to the e-streets, listen up! One of this year’s most controversial movies has been bubbling underneath the surface in the form of Ridley Scott’s biblical film, Exodus: Gods and Kings.

The acclaimed director ruffled feathers all around the globe when he cast white actors Christian Bale (Moses), Sigourney Weaver (Tuya), Joel Edgerton (Rhamses), and Aaron Paul (Joshua) in the movie. Meanwhile, performers of color have all seemingly been relegated to play nefarious thieves, slaves, lower class people, and servants. A widely circulated post immediately went viral on Medium: “You Probably Shouldn’t Go See Ridley Scott’s Pretty Racist ‘Exodus’ Movie” that pointed out Scott’s negligence.

“[Ridley] Scott is one of those guys who’s apparently hell-bent on historical accuracy but doesn’t care enough to cast a person of color as Moses or a g–d–n African queen while simultaneously filling out the rest of the movie with black servants and thieves,” wrote author David Dennis Jr. “To make the main characters white and everyone else African is cinematic colonialism. It’s creating a piece of historical ‘art’ that carries on oppressive imagery that’s helped shackle entire countries and corners of the world.”

Doubling down to ensure that this issue isn’t glossed over is actor and activist Jesse Williams, who took to his Tumblr to keep the flame lit. In an untitled post, Williams, 33, posted a screen grab of the IMDB page for Exodus: Gods and Kings which contrasts the main and supporting casts. Below the image, he writes, “White supremacist tactics are so desperate and weak that I almost feel bad for them. But I don’t.”

Including the hashtag, #BoycottExodusMovie, Twitter picked up the charge and aimed to highlight the complaints and concerns of a populace. To help raise awareness, we urge you to check out these 10 tweets of support for Jesse Williams’ boycott of Exodus: Gods and Kings movie.

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  • blackliberationwithsanity

    everybody knows that ancient hebrews israelites and kemet were black people..

    • Scottie Kemet

      Truth, even the non thinking white supremacists. They’re culturally conditioned to undervalue, underestimate and marginalize any achievement by Black Africans. In their minds we are and were always slaves- even before slavery!!! Their bigotry changes their perception of reality & they won’t believe their lying eyes. Look at the authentic artifact (not the forgeries) and easily see that the vast majority of the figures were African (Black). Ppl like bob jones have an opinion and then formulate fact to support their opinions, whereas the thinking man will find the facts first, then form an opinion.

  • Bob Jones

    Does anyone want cheese with their whine? No on knows what color skin they had, but the skulls so facial features that are very similar to a North African. Just because someone WANTS Egypt to be black does not make it so.

    • Kemet

      and just because white people want us to believe that the Ancient Egyptians were white in the one of the most hottest regions of the world does not make it so either Lol white supremacy is coming to an end. People of Kemet are waking up to the lies that have been told to us for hundreds of years.

      • blaquehaze


    • Scottie Kemet

      Ok bob jones. Leading scholars and Egyptologists, both white and black, have universally confirmed that the Pharaohs and Queens of Egypt were black. No Europeans ruled until around 330 BC. Even Le Comte de Volney (a senator under Napoleon) talked about the “burnt face ppl” of Egypt. Herodotus (484-425 B.C.), the so called “father” of history remarked about the dark ppl of Ancient Egypt. But of course, ppl-probably not unlike bob jones- r going to use their own lazy thinking form of “common sense” to imply that “no one knows” or that the Pharaohs were white and that the scholars are wrong.

  • blaquehaze


  • Scottie Kemet

    Typical white supremacist techniques- guarantee that Jesus and other biblical characters were white, even though there’s not proof of their race or even their existence, but also at the same time- see the ancient Kemetic artifacts, the geographic location and the written documented evidence of their African cutlture and origins, and still claim that the Anciient Kemetians were white. “In america we are culturally conditioned to believe that whites are superior and that blacks are inferior, and the manifestation of that cultural conditioning is that blacks are undervalued, underestimated and marginalized”- Joe Madison. This is true. In this case, this cultural conditioning makes it impossible, especially for a white supremacist, to believe that the great Kemetic ppl were black. (That’s like me claiming that Julius Caesar was black) LUDICROUS

  • Who cares!

    For goodness sake… Its just a movie not a documentary!!! If a white director wants to show white actors in his version of a movie and black directors want to portray black actors in a show that involved white people, who cares! Time for people to stop being racist or race paranoid! Enjoy the different version of movies!

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