‘Trayvoning’ Trend Causes Outrage Within Online Community

The Florida teen's death is mocked via new viral trend, which has caused a stir online

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Nearly three months have gone by since unarmed Florida teen Trayvon Martin, 17, was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, 28, while he was on his way home from 7-Eleven carrying Skittles and an iced tea. Martin’s case was low-profile until it got its buzz on social media and began making national headlines, which sparked a national conversation about race, “Stand Your Ground,” and gun laws in America.

While many Americans empathized with Martin’s family, others apparently found humor in Trayvon’s death.

A new photo meme called “Trayvoning” have been gaining steam on the Internet. The photos illustrate men wearing hoodies, with iced tea cans in one hand and Skittles in the other, laying down on their backs or stomachs as if they were dead. This “Trayvoning” trend has prompted Tumblr and Facebook pages.

The Facebook page called Trayvoning currently has just 5 likes. The anonymous authors of the page describe it:

Trayvoning is when you
1. get hoodie
2. get skittles
3. get arizona
4. wear hoodie
5. go to florida
6. get shot :)
Trayvon Martin was a 17-year-old African American male who was unarmed and got shot by a raciest [sic] mexican american.

The images have disturbed bloggers Sandra Rose and  of Clutch magazine. And others have condemned the practice on Facebook and other social media outlets.

View pictures of this troubling trend at The Grio


  • Charles Penfield

    It is time we take control of our own personal narratives and not allow popular culture to dictate the African America experience, or none of us will be free to follow our own paths.

    Any death of a young person is tragic regardless of race, but this shooting has nothing to do with the black community but for the race entrepreneurs who constantly try to make it so for their own monetary gain.

  • Amber

    @Charles: I think it was more about Trayvon being black and looking suspicious because he was black with a hoodie on. I agree with your view that African-Americans should take more control over the perspections others have of us. However, in Trayvon’s case race was definitely an issue.

    • Charles Penfield

      @Amber: If what you say is true, then don’t we have a much bigger problem with black on black killings, yet those crimes don’t make it on MSNBC nor does it compel the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton to generate publicity over the issue.

  • Cassey

    This whole website is racist. Hence the word black. Ian white and am offended what makes this right. If the title was white would it be racist. Double standard.