TJ Jackson Reaches Out to MJ Estate for Children’s Financial Support

Tito "TJ" Jackson is asking a judge to grant a monthly allowance from MJ's Estate.

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tito jackson and michael jackson kidsAlthough Tito “TJ” Jackson, was granted co-guardianship of Michael Jackson’s three children–alongside his grandmother, Katherine Jackson–back in August of last year, Tito claims he doesn’t have enough money to continue supporting the children on his own.

“The Executors of MJ’s Estate are asking the judge to give TJ a reasonable amount of money to keep the ship afloat,” says TMZ.

Reports claim that Jackson spends 40 hours per week caring for his uncle’s children, in addition to three kids of his own. The legal documents filed by the Estate say, “TJ has been extremely devoted to Paris, Prince and Blanket since MJ’s death,” but since taking on his role as co-guardian he hasn’t received any compensation for his efforts.

For Tito to maintain guardianship, the Estate has requested the judge allow TJ to receive $9,000 per month–dating back to when he obtained custody. Without the money, TJ “may not be able to continue” caring for the children.

  • Mally

    it sucks!!! so the guy found a well paid job? good for him, but shouldn’t Kat get now less because she only has 1/2 guardianship? Where’s the rest of the money goin’ (not talking about Kat’s personal allowance) ? To her old lazy, talentless, greedy brood ? Why allocate new funds when they should actually split the $ originally allocated for one guardian, into 2 (2 guardians)? Poor MJ3 …

  • This money requested is not for Michael’s chldren’s expenses as all those expenditures are already covered by their fathers Estate. This request is to compensate TJ himself and most probably the Estate is willing to make this request of the Judge so that these children of Michael’s can maintain some semblance of normalcy. If his duties as co-guardian take up to 40 hrs per week then it should be expected for him to be compensated as it would prevent him for attaining full-time employment elsewhere. Right now he is a constant and stable component of the household and enjoys a good relationship with Michael Jr, Paris, and Blanket. If this will maintain the stability that they most definitely need at this time of their lives, we support the idea.

  • Anon

    Paris, Prince & Blanket receive their own monthly allowance from their father’s estate. TJ is referring to not having enough money to support his own 3 children and wife. The $9K should be reduced from Katherine’s monthly allowance since TJ is doing 50% of her responsibilities.