Washington Redskins Suing Native American Group

Judge expected to give a ruling on reversing trademark board's removal of protections

Redskins Trademark Canceled

(Image: File)

According to NBC Washington, a judge has suggested that the Washington Redskins—who lost its trademark protection after it was determined that the name Redskins is offensive— can sue the Native Americans who sued the team for the use of the name.

The NFL team has decided to take this to trial court to ask the judge to reverse the trademark board’s removal of protections of six trademarks the team registered between 1967 and 1990.

Jesse Witten, the attorney representing the Native American group states that his clients shouldn’t be involved in the dispute and that the lawsuit against them should be dismissed. However, Robert Raskopf, who represents the Washington Redskins, said Amanda Blackhorse and the other defendants belong in court because they’re the ones who filed the petition. Judge Gerald Bruce Lee says he will have a written ruling at a later date.