10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in America

Based on FBI data from all 17,000 agencies

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Crime in America has ballooned to an alarming rate as more and more variation in crime takes place in cities and neighborhoods, and analytics have become tantamount in chronicling data in hopes of fighting against violence.

Developed by Neighborhood Scout, the 2014 stat sheet about the most dangerous neighborhoods in America uses data from the FBI’s 17,000 local law enforcement agencies. There are specific neighborhoods within these 50 states that are high in violent crime per 1,000 residents of all.

What does violent crime actually include? Forcible rape, armed robbery, murder, and aggravated assault. These places that make our list are the breeding ground; the hot bed where those sort of things take place.

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  • abbysee

    Please explain the percentages. What is an 100.97 percent crime rate?

  • CarolinaSistah

    Who is responsible for this — the people who live in these neighborhoods, mayor & city council, governor, state assemblies, federal government?

  • Greg

    Grew up not far from #7 on the list. Ouch.

  • Tyrannosaurus_Rextraordinaire

    I’m sure these are indeed the 10 most dangerous neighborhoods, and can personally vouch for one, but the descriptions are a load of hot garbage.
    -You can’t have a crime rate of over 100%.
    -Crime rates usually aren’t even given in percentages in the first place.
    -2 dangerous neighborhoods in Illinois does not mean the entire state is unsafe. 95% of the state is not riddled with bullets and strife.
    -No, there is not a 1-in-11 chance of getting hit by a stray bullet in Rochester. The chances of getting a stray isn’t even that high in Gaza.
    These 1 in whatever numbers are worthless stats. I live near #7 (Rockford) and frequent a bar 2 blocks from 7th and Jefferson. If the 1-in-11 was any indicator of how things actually are there, I’d have been mugged or assaulted some 30 times by now. I can’t and won’t say its not a rough place, but it isn’t a hellzone of rape and pillaging either.

  • Guest

    Yeah that’s why I left Rockford. It’s a shame because it could be such a nice area if it were not for all the stupid ghetto white trash people who live there.

  • Someone

    Kevin Clark is an idiot. You cannot “rate” a place if you don’t experience it day to day and then determine an entire state is unsafe..

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