Tamar Braxton Backpedals on Her Beyonce Statements

Do you think Tamar Braxton is doing damage control?

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Tamar Braxton is now saying that she didn’t say she was skeptical about Beyonce’s pregnancy on the talk show “Tiny Tonight,” a show she co-hosts with Tameka Cottle and Claudia Jordan on VH-1.

“I don’t think she was pregnant,” Braxton said during the show. “The deflated stomach thing. I watched the video and I don’t know. She sat down and she looked up like, ‘Oh, s***’!”

Now, Tamar took to Twitter to clear herself: “Never said Beyoncé faked her pregnancy! That was Claudia’s a**!” Tamar tweeted, referring to co-host Claudia Jordan.

“Blame the new girl…I get it,” Jordan responded.

  • Black Enterprise, please don’t revert to such gossip and typical blog like behavior. Stick to providing African Americans with tips on how to change their financial futures and develop wealth. REAL issues that impact our neighborhoods and communities. How we can better raise our children. Not saying that I don’t attend to “gossip” blogs or magazines, but I don’t want to do it with BE! You’re at a higher standard. Stay that way. Thanks <3


    • MsRLB

      I agree. Forbes is doing the same. I just couldn’t believe it. I was like did I follow another magazine.

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        They sells more papers/magazines

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    I totally agree. There is no need to jump on the band wagon. Focus on real issues like finance and career advice.