Steve Jobs Warned Obama of Becoming a One-Term President, Offered Education Ideas

The two icons met up to discuss politics and education before Jobs' death

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Steve Jobs and President Barack Obama are two of the most iconic and important figures of our time. The late founder of Apple, Jobs was a creative genius and captain of industry and Barack Obama is, of course, the dynamic politician who captivated the nation with a messages of hope and change in one of its darker hours.

Today the release of Walter Isaacson‘s book Steve Jobs: A Biography is giving the world a glimpse of what happened when these great minds connected. Representing the private sector and big business, it seems that Jobs had a few choice words of advice for the POTUS leading a country in the midst of economic crisis.

According to the Huffington Post Jobs offered to create political ads for Obama’s 2012 re-election bid despite his distaste for some of the Obama administrations economic  policies.

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