Did Stephen A. Smith Say the “N-Word” on National TV?

Let's see how Smith explains himself out of this one

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stephen a smith first take blank stare

Source: ESPN

ESPN commentator and co-star of the highly popular show “First Take,” may have slipped up in the show’s latest episode.

Smith, who was discussing the upcoming NBA season and Kobe Bryant’s recent foot injury, said the words “Ni**a Please” in an exchange with Dallas Mavericks guard Dahntay Jones, who was appearing on the show as a guest.

The Lakers, who open the season against Dallas on October 30th, intimated they may be without the star guard on opening night. Smith disagreed saying there’s no way he will miss that game. He also implied Jones wouldn’t mind because it means he wouldn’t have to guard Kobe that night.

“He’ll be just fine. You think Kobe Bryant is going to miss it because his foot is sprained…Ni**a Please,” said Smith.

You can view the video of the exchange here


  • iThoughtWeWerePassedThis

    He absolutely said the word, and then made it worse by lying about it. Common man, how are we supposed to keep moving forward with fools like this. He should not fired, but we should speak with our TV’s and tune out of fools like this.

  • Bryan Callion

    Yes he said it, and I really was upset at his videotaped denial, I thought it was cowardly, and it really showed me that Stephen A. was hustling to do all he could to make sure he kept his job. He is a loud mouth, and very quick to give an opinion, but not man enough to admit that he made what could have been a career altering mistake.