ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Denies he Said the N-Word On-Air

Even though it's on tape, he denies he said it.

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Even though there’s audio for all to hear, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith released a videotaped statement today claiming that he did not say the n-word during a Tuesday morning segment of ESPN’s First Take.

Smith joked during the segment, “Opening night. Kobe Bryant is going to miss it because, ‘my foot is sprained?’” He then went on to say, “Are you crazy, ni**a please.” ‘N*gga please’ is commonly used to express disbelief in African-American vernacular, and is used in a way similar to “Get the f**k out of here!’ or ‘No way!’ is used.

In his videotaped response to the n-word accusation, Smith’s only explanation for the comment is that “he’s a New Yorker” and he talks fast. Smith does not, however, clarify what he meant to say or what he was trying to say when his words were as he says “misconstrued.”

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  • Black NBA players and some other black athletes use the n-word all the time with complete impunity. This SAS issue is simply another example of a double standard practice raising its ugly head. White users of the pejorative term are either fired or fined; the color of one’s skin shouldn’t be a determining factor as to who is admonished, it’s a faux pas regardless of what color you may happen to be.

    I’ve always been an advocate that black users of the term should not get a free pass, the significance of the word is what it is regardless as to whose mouth it may flow from and consequences of its use should be equally administered.

    • Stephen B. Smith

      LOL. Black NBA players? Are you f’ing kidding. Ya black NBA players, black college players, black high school players, blacks in general. Not saying its right or wrong but it aint just NBA players. That is hilarious