Stand-Ins to Participate in Inauguration Rehearsals

Inaugural committee sets stage for historic event

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Source: Destination DC

As with any momentous event, such as a wedding, graduation, or play, diligent preparation is key. And as anticipation mounts for the historic inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama, the importance of a walk-through is paramount. Each step in the day’s celebrations and ceremonies must be planned to the letter, ensuring a celebration that is memorable and includes as few kinks, if any, as possible.

The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies (JCCIC) will hold a dress rehearsal for the 2009 inaugural ceremonies on Jan. 11. The rehearsal will include run-throughs of the swearing-in ceremony on the west front of the Capitol, the presidential review of troops on the east front, the departure ceremony, and the inaugural parade along Pennsylvania Avenue.

The president-elect, the vice president-elect, and their wives will be represented by stand-ins, and there will be more than 3,000 marching in the inaugural parade rehearsal. The participants will mostly consist of military personnel.

  • teresa byn

    I just now got through watching the inaugural parade, and I am wondering why it was primarily African-American people in the parade and not more races involved? How are we going to ever unite as long as there is one race over another? Watching the parade made it very clear that this Presidential ceremony has nothing to do with Obama being smart, uniting, equality driven, but more about color and it has now shown me who is and has been racist. What can we as a society do to actually pull people together without leaving any one race out? Please, please let me know.